Knowledge Update 2020-08-20

Hi!Welcome to the first of many (I hope) knowledge updates from me. My goal is so gather information in one post instead of many posts.Most of this information are from third party and I do not have the time to source review everything. But still I like of sharing my thoughts to you.This first knowledge... Continue Reading →

How to get IPv6 and IPv4 support with proxychain4 running kali. #hack #kali #linux #infosec #hacking #pentest #pentesting #redteam #proxychain4

I wanted to use proxychain with IPv6, ended up with this configuration. If you have not install proxychain4 do that now! Tor configuration file add below /etc/tor/torrc SocksPort [::1]:9050 SocksPort ClientUseIPv6 1 ClientPreferIPv6ORPort 1 ClientPreferIPv6DirPort 1 Proxychain4 configuration file. Add the information below in the file under [ProxyList] /etc/proxychain.conf socks5 :: 9050 socks4 Continue Reading →

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