Knowledge Update 2020-08-20

Welcome to the first of many (I hope) knowledge updates from me. My goal is so gather information in one post instead of many posts.
Most of this information are from third party and I do not have the time to source review everything. But still I like of sharing my thoughts to you.
This first knowledge update will be in compressed format only to see if there are any demand for this at all. But the headings I like to keep the same always.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions or comments.
// Roger

What do I need to upgrade this week

Do you have a Netgear router please read. R6400, R6700, R7000, R7850, R7900, R8000, RS400, and XR300

Adobe Acrobat and Reader versions 2020.009.20074 and earlier, 2020.001.30002, 2017.011.30171 and earlier, and 2015.006.30523

Windows/Windows Server please upgrade. Media Foundation Memory Corruption Vulnerability

Active Directory

What is Azure Active Directory?

How to use BloodHound

Performing Kerberoasting without SPNs

Active Directory Exploitation Cheat

Linux / Kali

Use ipv4 and ipv6 with proxychain4

Setup tmux with terminator

Basic Linux Privilege Escalation


Ask the Matrix – How to choose C2 plattform

Hack passwords with hashcat

Official Black Hat Arsenal Tools Github Repository

More knowledge Links / RSS / Videos

Free webcasts from Black Hills

How Covid-19 reflect on CISOs

Black 2020 (youtube)

Defcon 2020 (youtube)

Study Buffer Overflow

Setup Jucie-Shop in the cloud for free and learn about OWASP top ten


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