My OCSP and PNPT journey from the beginning, during and I hope “the end”. @TCMSecurity @thecybermentor @offsectraining #PEN-100 #PEN-103 #PEN-200 #PEN-203 #WEB-100 #SOC-100 #PNPT #OSCP @joplinapp @reconmap @BHinfoSecurity @ActiveCmeasures @WWHackinFest @strandjs #hacking #pentesting

Intro Hi all! My plan is that under 2022 to take OSCP and PNPT exam. To get the full picture we start from the beginning. Why do I post this? Share knowledge is the simple answer, and I am getting old so I need to document everything I do. I think this is a good... Continue Reading →

Podcasts you need to take a look at. @DarknetDiaries @DanielMiessler @IntelTechniques @InfosecEdu @7MinSec @coalfirelabs @NetSPI @breachsense @TrustedSec @riskybusiness @thehackscast´┐╝@NakedSecurity @thehackerish @CyberSpeaksLIVE @BHinfoSecurity @PentesterLand @itsakerhetspodd @geoffwhite247 @CSI_Podcast

Here are podcasts that I like to listen to when I can. It is not best to worst list it is only a list!Some of them has not been updated for some time, but still check them out. Continue Reading →

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