How to revert from NVMe controller to paravirtulized scsi controller. Blue screen inaccessible boot device when I do that. How to fix it with 2 commands #windows10 @PURESTORAGE @VMWARE #VEXPERT #ESXI #PERFORMANCE

Hi all! The latest posts has been about how to get the most of our hardware in a virtual machines. But sometimes you need to revert stuff you do. Or as me, try everything that can go wrong. When I revert from paravirtulized driver on my Windows 10 vm to NVMe controller everything went fine.... Continue Reading →


Hi all! There is a new version of Hashcat out for you to try! Here you can download it 312 different algorithms to use. The different attack modes are: Straight, Combination, Brute-force, Hybrid dict + mask, Hybrid mask + dict and Association Fixes There is 26 bugfixes in this release. New attack mode: Association... Continue Reading →

Choose SCSI Controller to get the best performance on a VM. What SCSI controller on VM shall I use. Queue Depth settings on ESXi. Queue Depth in Windows VM. Pure Storage performance. @PureStorage @VMware #vExpert #esxi #performance

Last post I was looking at vCPU configuration on a vm to get best performance on a vm. Now it is time to take a look at performance on the disk side. To test performance I used CrystalDiskMark. Finally I was able to add a file in WordPress, the link to the file is at... Continue Reading →

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