Upgrade EOL Ubuntu server from 20.10 to 21.10. An upgrade from ‘groovy’ to ‘impish’ is not supported with this tool. @ubuntu @ubuntugeek #ubuntu #linux #EOL #upgrade

Hi all! Time to do a quick post that ran into this evening. As always I update my lab to be on the latest version all the time. But this one time I missed a machine. 🙂 We begin with EOL version of Ubuntu 20.10 The below picture says that we have a new version... Continue Reading →

How to document ActiveDirectory free and with #powerhsell export to excel and word #ActiveDirectory #documentation @evotecpl

Hi! As I am not writing alot of other stuff other than my goal to PNTP and OSCP right now ( https://blog.invid.eu/2022/01/06/my-ocsp-and-pnpt-journey-from-the-beginning-during-and-i-hope-the-end-tcmsecurity-thecybermentor-offsectraining-pnpt-oscp-joplinapp-reconmap-bhinfosecurity-strandjs-hacking-pentesting/ ). But in this case I have to. I was looking for a simple way to document a new customers Active Directory. How shall I do that in a easy way? I had... Continue Reading →

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