Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Analys Master Class with @Gerald_Auger #SimplyCyber @NIST #cybersecurity #education

I did take a small break today from Offensive Security today and found a realy nice course, not so practical but still very important. If some of below words is picking your brain this course is for youA Cybersecurity Primer, Compliance and Audit Work, Security Awareness Work, Cybersecurity Risk Work, Information Security Governance Work, Getting... Continue Reading →

Eat, Drink, Sleep and Shit security. How in a “easy” way keep you updated on what is happening out there. @BHinfoSecurity @ActiveCmeasures @WWHackinFest @intigriti #security #knowledge

How do you keep you updated on what is happening out there, I have some tools and workflow that will keep you busy. One thing you need to think about, not everything on the internet is the truth.The hard thing here is that there is endless information out there, but yo do not need to... Continue Reading →

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