Eat, Drink, Sleep and Shit security. How in a “easy” way keep you updated on what is happening out there. @BHinfoSecurity @ActiveCmeasures @WWHackinFest @intigriti #security #knowledge

How do you keep you updated on what is happening out there, I have some tools and workflow that will keep you busy. One thing you need to think about, not everything on the internet is the truth.
The hard thing here is that there is endless information out there, but yo do not need to learn everything. This is what I use to say external world intelligence or omvärldsbevakning in Swedish!

Every day (almost) I go thru this:

Webinar from BlackHills and sister companies (Swedish time always in the evening between 19-21)
RSS Feeds

Webinar from BlackHills and sisters companies

These companies deliver great and free webinars! And if you are in CET timeszone this is great, becuase it will be in the evening and will not interfear with you job 🙂

RSS feeds

Here is my rss feed

There is a lot of rss feeds in here, but a must read is this.

I was running Linux before and was using Liferea, now I am using Chromebook and have installed Seamonkey. When you have a lot of rss feeds the only reader that works are Liferea or Seamonkey.

I found a way to export opml in seamonkey and I have the file if someone is keen on having it just send an email.


Iam using Google podcast and for some strange reason they do not have the export function. So the list below is no particular order. Some of these are not active, but the content is really good anyway! Not all are about security. Here is my favorite list:


Scope Security
Professionally Evil Perspective
Unexplored Territory
Simply Cyber
The CoinSec Podcast
The Official Offensive Security Podcast
Josh Amishav
VMware Communities Roundtable
Virtually Speaking Podcast
TrustedSec Security Podcast
The Social-Engineer Podcast
The Pure Report
The Bug Bounty Podcast
Storage Unpacked Podcast
Storage Developer Conference
Security Nation
Risky Business
Click Here
Packet Pushers – Datanauts
Naked Security Podcast
Layer 8 Podcast
Infosec Prep Podcast
Hack for Fun and Profit
ExploreVM Podcast
DABCC Radio: Cloud, Desktop, Mobility, Virtualization Podcasts (Citrix, VMware, Microsoft)
Cybercrime Investigations
Cyber Security Interviews
CoalCast – Coalfire’s Cybersecurity Podcast
Bug Hunter Podcast
Black Hills Information Security
7 Minute Security
10 on Tech
Hacker Public Radio
Paul’s Security Weekly (Podcast-Only)
Radio Leo (Audio)
Cyber Work
Smashing Security
Hack the Planet
404 Podcast Not Found
The Privacy, Security, & OSINT Show
Malicious Life
Unsupervised Learning
Off The Hook
Darknet Diaries
The Hacks


I do not use this as everyday information gadering, I use this for communication when I do courses and webinars. I do not have the knowledge for exporting the server profiles. Se here you have screenshots of the servers that I am a member of. If someone can send me information how to export the Discord Server Profile I will put it on GitHub! 🙂


Here it is more “professional” information that I read about other companies. And connect with different people that I had never connected normaly! Great way to talk to people in the Security field!


Below is my follow list on twitter. I follow around 1300 people/companies.

That was all!

Keep hacking



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