vSphere – Lifecycle Manager stops at remediation at 30% and install stops at 0% then errors out after 41 minutes. @vExpert #vExpert #esxi #Virtualization @VMware

Hi all! Time for some VMware stuff now! I was planing to do patchning this weekend, and I always try on test servers first. But this time it failed. I want to get out the word how I fixed that issue. If you will do this you will loose the baseline that you created. Versions... Continue Reading →

How to find hardware issues with SQL errors in an vmware environment. A read of the file at offset succeeded after failing 1 time(s) with error: incorrect pageid #vExpert @VMwarevSphere #esxi #database #sql #sqlserver #microsoft

I ran into som very strange problem on an SQL server this fall that I need to tell you about. The Error A read of the file 'D:\SQL PATH\Data.mdf' at offset 0x0000001ad60000 succeeded after failing 1 time(s) with error: incorrect pageid (expected 1:214336; actual 14854:3166640).  Even if we see these error SQL was able to... Continue Reading →

Eat, Drink, Sleep and Shit security. How in a “easy” way keep you updated on what is happening out there. @BHinfoSecurity @ActiveCmeasures @WWHackinFest @intigriti #security #knowledge

How do you keep you updated on what is happening out there, I have some tools and workflow that will keep you busy. One thing you need to think about, not everything on the internet is the truth.The hard thing here is that there is endless information out there, but yo do not need to... Continue Reading →

How to revert from NVMe controller to paravirtulized scsi controller. Blue screen inaccessible boot device when I do that. How to fix it with 2 commands #windows10 @PURESTORAGE @VMWARE #VEXPERT #ESXI #PERFORMANCE

Hi all! The latest posts has been about how to get the most of our hardware in a virtual machines. But sometimes you need to revert stuff you do. Or as me, try everything that can go wrong. When I revert from paravirtulized driver on my Windows 10 vm to NVMe controller everything went fine.... Continue Reading →

Choose SCSI Controller to get the best performance on a VM. What SCSI controller on VM shall I use. Queue Depth settings on ESXi. Queue Depth in Windows VM. Pure Storage performance. @PureStorage @VMware #vExpert #esxi #performance

Last post I was looking at vCPU configuration on a vm to get best performance on a vm. Now it is time to take a look at performance on the disk side. To test performance I used CrystalDiskMark. Finally I was able to add a file in WordPress, the link to the file is at... Continue Reading →

Attending Active Defense & Cyber Deception with @strandjs and want to run the WINADHD vm in ESXi, please read this. @WWHackinFest @BHinfoSecurity @ACTIVECMEASURES #ACTIVECOUNTERMEASURES #THREATHUNTING #BEACONS #WINADHD

If you attending John strand in this epic course and want to run the lab vm in Vmware ESXi please read this. If not, go and do something with your girlfriend,boyfriend or children or take a beer and relax! Hi, I am looking at a new way to work so I was not able to... Continue Reading →

Attending Cyber Threat Hunting Level 1 w/ Chris Brenton | 4-hours and want to run the VM in QEMU/KVM this is how I got it to work. @ActiveCmeasures #activecountermeasures #AIHunter #ThreatHunting #Beacons #Activecountermeasures @Zeekurity

Hi all! If you are like me attending the Threat Hunting Training Course named Cyber Threat Hunting Level 1 w/ Chris Brenton | 4-Hours on Thursday and want to run the virtual machine in qemu/kvm native do it like this. Download and read the below link! https://www.activecountermeasures.com/cyber-threat-hunting-training-course/ As always start with the short version! Convert... Continue Reading →

How to do remote work smooth with any device and still use camera, microphone in any application. Using my work PC as remote nod and Ubuntu as a client home. @vmware @vmwarehorizon @vExpert @ubuntu @vExpert #remote #WorkFromHome #linux

Goal for today is to connect to work machine, in this case a Windows 10 and have all the functions that I have when I am physical at work. So I had some requirements on my list. Client at home can be anything (Linux in my case)Must support camera and microphoneFastNo lagSimple to useSecure First... Continue Reading →

Installing Microsoft Edge dev version on ubuntu 20.04. @MicrosoftEdge @EdgeDevTools @ubuntu #linux #ubuntu

Finally (can I say that?) it is edge time on Linux. Really straight forward to get Edge on you Ubuntu 20.04. But I will put this out anyway! This is a dev version so there will be functions that will not work yet. Download package from Microsoft: https://packages.microsoft.com/repos/edge/pool/main/m/microsoft-edge-dev/ Install from cli sudo apt-get install ./microsoft-edge-dev_88.0.673.0-1_amd64.deb... Continue Reading →

Powershell and Vmware PowerCLI, get-vm exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. How to fix and add proxy in powershell. Add PSGallery as a repo.#vExpert #VMware #powershell #vmwarepowercli

Uninstall PowerCLI from VMware (we add it later from PSGallery) Start Powershell Set tls security to 1.2 [Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = [Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12 Set http proxy [Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable("HTTP_PROXY", "proxy.invid.se:3128", [EnvironmentVariableTarget]::Machine) Set https proxy [Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable("HTTPS_PROXY", "proxy.invid.se:3128", [EnvironmentVariableTarget]::Machine) Now that we have internet connection you can try in powershell, just for confirmation. wget https://invid.se Now it is time to register PSgallery... Continue Reading →

Copy vswitch vlan from one host to another with powershell. @VMware #vExpert #esxi #VMware

This simple powershell scripts copy vlans from one server to another. With this script I needed to manually create the vmotion network after. But all other vlans was ccreated. Start Powershell In this case I was running linux. pwsh Set-PowerCLIConfiguration -InvalidCertificateAction Ignore -Confirm:$false Connect-VIServer cmdlet Connect-VIServer at command pipeline position 1 Supply values for the... Continue Reading →

Microsoft change from ldap to ldaps. What will happen to my Vcenter with Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) customers. #vcenter #vmware #ldap #ActiveDirectory

Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) has also been tested by VMware Engineering and verified to be compatible with these changes. IWA uses different protocols and mechanisms to interact with Active Directory and is not affected by changes to the Active Directory LDAP servers. Where did I find this information: Microsoft https://portal.msrc.microsoft.com/en-US/security-guidance/advisory/ADV190023 Vmware https://blogs.vmware.com/vsphere/2020/01/microsoft-ldap-vsphere-channel-binding-signing-adv190023.html https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2149697

Problem with Nimble plugin in VirtualCenter 6.7U3 or any other plugin. #VMWare #VirtualCenter #nimble #storage

How to completely remove and start from scratch regardning Nimble Plugin in Vcenter. W had the plugin that was in running mode 1 - Unregister the array from VC in Nimble 2- Clean the VC cache SSH to vcenter server shell service-control --stop vsphere-client service-control --stop vsphere-ui cd /etc/vmware/vsphere-client/vc-packages/vsphere-client-serenity rm -rf com.nimblestorage.* cd /etc/vmware/vsphere-ui/vc-packages/vsphere-client-serenity rm... Continue Reading →

How to get VMware Remote Console on Kali 2019.4

Thanx to Dave Parker http://computersalad.blogspot.com/2018/09/using-vmware-remote-console-on-debian.html sudo su cd /usr/lib/vmware/bin mv vmrc vmrc.old Create a new vmrc file in /usr/lib/vmware/bin with this content #!/bin/bash LIBDIR="/usr/lib/vmware/lib" BINDIR="/usr/lib/vmware/bin" LD_LIBRARY_PATH="" for dir in $(find ${LIBDIR} -type d) ; do LD_LIBRARY_PATH="${dir}:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}" done export LD_LIBRARY_PATH ln -s ${BINDIR}/appLoader /tmp/vmrc /tmp/vmrc $* rm -f /tmp/vmrc exit 0

Get VM on what Datastore and what DRS group the VM is member of, export the result and email to you in a oneliner.

Special thanks to my better looking colleague @ http://blogg.schillman.se/ He is a powershell guru! I did this on Linux so I do not have the power to store username and password. But I know that you can do this if you are running Windows! If the vmware modules are not installed: Start powershell Set-PowerCLIConfiguration -InvalidCertificateAction:Ignore... Continue Reading →

Add & Remove VM from DRS Groups based on datastore. Using PowerShell Ubuntu 19.10 Budgie. Add-DrsVMtoDrsVMGroup and Remove-DrsVMFromDrsVMGroup

Thanks to Author: Tim Carman Twitter: @tpcarman Github: tpcarman https://www.timcarman.net/2017/10/27/add-remove-virtual-machines-based-datastore-location-powercli/ Functions: Add-DrsVMtoDrsVMGroup Remove-DrsVMFromDrsVMGroup  install Powershell Get PowerShell to work with ubuntu 19.10 Budgie Create Powershell Profile Run it! sudo snap install powershell --classic export DOTNET_SYSTEM_GLOBALIZATION_INVARIANT=1 vi /home/USERNAME/config/powershell/Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1 Paste the following in the file: $Hour = (Get-Date).Hour If ($Hour -lt 12) {"Morning Master"} ElseIf ($Hour -gt... Continue Reading →

How to get vDocumentation to work in PowerShell

Start PowerShell as Administrator Install-Module -Name VMware.PowerCLI -Scope CurrentUser Install-Module ImportExcel -scope CurrentUser Install-Module vDocumentation -Scope CurrentUser Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Set-PowerCLIConfiguration -InvalidCertificateAction Ignore -Confirm:$false Connect-VIServer Then you are up and runnig Great work from Ariel Sanchez Mora  https://github.com/arielsanchezmora/vDocumentation Get-Module vDocumentation -ListAvailable | Format-List Get-ESXInventory Document host hardware inventory and host configuration Get-ESXIODevice Document information from HBAs,... Continue Reading →

VMware Converter 6.2 failed after 3% with error FAILED: An error occurred during the conversion: ‘BlockLevelVolumeCloneMgr::CloneVolume: Detected a write error during the cloning of volume \WindowsBitmapDriverVolumeId=[60-2A-FF-68-00-00-10-00-00-00-00-00]. Error: 37409 (type: 1, code: 2338)’

1 physical server to virtual with VMware Converter 6.2 failed after 3% with error. FAILED: An error occurred during the conversion: 'BlockLevelVolumeCloneMgr::CloneVolume: Detected a write error during the cloning of volume \WindowsBitmapDriverVolumeId=[60-2A-FF-68-00-00-10-00-00-00-00-00]. Error: 37409 (type: 1, code: 2338)' Source machine had Teaming configured and I just pulled out the cabels and put new one in... Continue Reading →

Migrate to Virtual Center 6.7 when the Virtual Center is Virtulized on providers Virtual Center. Migrated Virtual Center has no ip connectivity to local ESXi host. Add extra nic to VirtualCenter is the soloution!

You need ip connectivity from the temp VC to the ESXi host that the upgraded VC is hosted. We want to upgrade VC-CUST (, in this case migrate to 6.7 from 6.5. This CirtualCenter resides in hosted VirtualCenter VC-Provider. VC-Provider has NO ip connectivity to customer. VC-CUST has no IP connectivity to ESXI host ( Continue Reading →


Please follow this great guide from Cody! https://www.codyhosterman.com/2018/10/configuring-pure1-vm-analytics-detailed-guide/ When you come to the point when you shall install or update something stop! Now it is time for proxy stuff. Apt proxy settings sudo vi /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/proxy.conf Acquire { HTTP::proxy "http://proxy.invid.se:8080"; HTTPS::proxy "http://proxy.invid.se:8080"; } Linux For other Linux stuff you want to add this in root users... Continue Reading →

Getting strange error when installing vcli 6.7on ubuntu 18.10

Getting some error when try to run ./vmware-install.pl vcli Path::Class 0.33 or newer Socket6 0.28 or newer IO::Socket::INET6 2.72 or newer Net::INET6Glue 0.603 or newer How I did: sudo apt install -y perl-doc libmodule-build-perl libssl-dev libxml-libxml-perl libsoap-lite-perl libuuid-perl sudo apt-get install libcrypt-ssleay-perl libcrypt-openssl-rsa-perl sudo cpan Devel::StackTrace Class::Data::Inheritable Convert::ASN1 Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA Crypt::X509 Exception::Class UUID::Random Archive::Zip Path::Class Try::Tiny... Continue Reading →

Upload file to datastore, certificate error.

To fix this Browse to VirtualCenter Down at the right bottom on page press Download trusted root CA Unpack the zip file Open Certmgr.msc Go to Trusted Root Certification Authorities Rightclick on Certificates and All Taska/ Import Import the certificates that you unzipped before Restart Browser Done!  

Upgrade 5.0.0 to 5.5 from CLI.

When you have upgraded to 6.5 and did not notice that you had a 5.0.0. server in the Virtual Center. You can upgrade the 5.0.0 host from CLI with some simple commands. Download the offline Bundle for 5.5 zip file Download the zip file to ESXi host with your tool. (Vsphere client, Winscp or scp)... Continue Reading →

Some nice For Dummies Books.

Will add more as I stumble upon them. Network Virtualization for Dummies https://secure.vmware.com/47785_REG?touch=1&src=so_5bbb4d89277ef&cid=70134000001CYBq&src=so_5a314d05e49f5&cid=70134000001SkJn Micro‐segmentation For Dummies https://www.vmware.com/content/dam/digitalmarketing/vmware/en/pdf/products/vmware-micro-segmentation-for-dummies-book.pdf NVMe over Fibre Channel For Dummies Brocade Special Edition http://media.wiley.com/assets/7359/40/9781119399711.pdf Firewalls for Dummies https://doc.lagout.org/Others/Firewalls%20For%20Dummies%2C%202nd%20Edition.pdf Next Generation Firewall for Dummies https://www.csuc.cat/sites/default/files/docs/ngfw_for_dummies_ebook.pdf Cybersecurity for Dummies https://www.paloaltonetworks.com/content/dam/pan/en_US/assets/pdf/education/cybersecurity-for-dummies.pdf Network Security in Virtualized Data Centers for Dummies http://gauss.ececs.uc.edu/Courses/c5155/pdf/netsec_virtdatacntr.pdf Virtualization for Dummies https://ssl.www8.hp.com/de/de/pdf/virtuallisation_tcm_144_1147500.pdf  ... Continue Reading →

Unable to migrate Virtual Center to 6.5 from 5.5. Certificate errors.

Easy one Uninstall VCenter Server from Windows Copy/Backup and  Remove C:\ProgramData\VMware\VMware VirtualCenter\SSL Reinstall same Virtual Center that was installed before.   Or you can follow this great blogg from Zlatko Mitev http://vbuffer.com/vcenter-selfsigned-certificates/ Some notifcation from me: OpenSSL 0.9.8 is requried http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/openssl.htm Deploying and using the SSL Certificate Automation Tool 5.5 http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?cmd=displayKC&docType=kc&docTypeID=DT_KB_1_1&externalId=2057340 #When you are running openssl... Continue Reading →

Vsphere 6.7 Whats New small words

Full list: https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-vSphere/6.7/rn/vsphere-esxi-vcenter-server-67-release-notes.html The vSphere 6.7 release is the final release of vCenter Server for Windows In-Guest unmap with snapshots VMware is deprecating webplatform.js, which will be replaced with an improved way to push updates into partner plugin solutions without any lifecycle dependencies on vSphere Client SDK updates. If you have an existing plugin solution to the... Continue Reading →

Powercli Vsphere

Get VM list from a datstore Get-datastore | Where {$_.name -like '*DATASTORE01*'} | Get-VM Find snapshots Get-Snapshot -vm * -name “VEEAM BACKUP*” | Format-Table -property VM,Name Clear snapshots Get-Snapshot -vm * -name “VEEAM BACKUP*” | remove-snapshot   List VM and What Datastore get-vmhost |get-datastore|%{$ds=$_; $ds.Extensiondata.Vm|%{$_|select @{n='vm name';e={(Get-View -property name -Id $_.toString()).name}},@{n='ds name';e={$ds.name}} }}   List... Continue Reading →

The host returns esxupdate error code:12. cannot read or write to the database. check the update manager log files and esxupdate log files for more details.

When remmidate you get this error. I installed the patches that I can stage.   Stuck on Next step: esxcli network firewall unload esxcli software vib install -v http://vum.se:9084/vum/repository/hostupdate/vmw/vib20/tools-light/VMware_locker_tools-light_6.5.0-1.33.7273056.vib [DatabaseIOError] Failed to create temporary DB dir: [Errno 28] No space left on device: '/locker/packages/var/db/locker/profiles.new' filename = /locker/packages/var/db/locker Please refer to the log file for more... Continue Reading →

Software Depo for HPE and Dell

Dell: https://vmwaredepot.dell.com/index.xml) HP: http://vibsdepot.hpe.com/getting_started.html#DepotContent   http://vibsdepot.hpe.com/index.xml - latest HPE Value-Add components (for VUM)   http://vibsdepot.hpe.com/hpe/<release date>/index.xml or http://vibsdepot.hpe.com/hpq/<release date>/index.xml - latest HPE Value-Add components for a specific release   http://vibsdepot.hpe.com/index-drv.xml - latest HPE and 3rd party device drivers used in the HPE Custom Image (for VUM)   http://vibsdepot.hpe.com/hpe/<release date>/index-drv.xml or http://vibsdepot.hpe.com/hpq/<release date>/index-drv.xml - latest HPE... Continue Reading →

The upgrade contains the following set of conflicting VIBs. When upgrading to 6.5

Scan the host with UpdateManager and look at the result: The upgrade contains the following set of conflicting VIBs QLogic_bootbank_scsi-qla2xxx_934.5.29.0-1OEM.500.0.0.472560 Emulex_bootbank_scsi-lpfc820_8. Emulex_bootbank_scsi-lpfc820_8. QLogic_bootbank_scsi-qla2xxx_934.5.29.0-1OEM.500.0.0.472560 Solution:   esxcli software vib list | grep qla2 scsi-qla2xxx 934.5.29.0-1OEM.500.0.0.472560 QLogic VMwareCertified 2014-11-11 ~ # esxcli software vib remove -n scsi-qla2xxx Wait it take some time Removal Result Message: The update... Continue Reading →

Vsphere 6.5 Migration error. Replace a Process Level Token privilege to the user

Replace a Process Level Token privilege to the user Error when you do the prechecks https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn221975.aspx Login with your Administrator account on the Windows machine. Go to Control Panel and open the Administrative Tools. Open Local Security Policy and expand Local Policies.  Under User Rights Assignment, open the Replace a Process Level Token. Add service account name that is being used by the... Continue Reading →

Patch or upgrade 5.5 get VIB VMware_bootbank_ehci-ehci-hcd_1.0-3vmw.550.3.95.4345813 requires xhci-xhci >= 1.0-3vmw.550.3.95, but the requirement cannot be satisfied within the ImageProfile

To resolve this issue, remove the xhci VIB file before upgrading the host. Connect to the affected ESXi host using an SSH session. For more information,  see Using ESXi Shell in ESXi 5.x and 6.0 (SOL-2003). Delete the xhci VIB file by running this command: esxcli software vib remove --vibname xhci-xhci

msg.snapshot.error-QUIESCING-ERROR” in vCenter Server

You get this when you clone a powered on vm. From: https://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=2069952   To resolve this issue, start the Windows Virtual Disk service: Log in to the Windows operating system as an Administrator. Click Start, type services.msc, and press Enter. Right-click the Virtual Disk service and click Start. If this does not resolve the issue, disable VMware snapshot provider in... Continue Reading →

Powercli 6.5 error with  add-pssnapin VMware.VimAutomation.Cor

They have chnage the way to app snapin! Get-Module -Name VMware.VimAutomation.Core -ListAvailable | Import-Module #add-pssnapin VMware.VimAutomation.Core     Error: add-pssnapin VMware.VimAutomation.Cor add-pssnapin : No snap-ins have been registered for Windows PowerShell version 3. At line:1 char:1 + add-pssnapin VMware.VimAutomation.Cor + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : InvalidArgument: (VMware.VimAutomation.Cor:String) [Add-PSSnapin], PSArgumentException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : AddPSSnapInRead,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.AddPSSnapinCommand

UpdateManager strange errors after migrate. interface com.vmware.vim.binding.integrity.baselinemanager is not visible from class loader

  From: https://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=2147284 Cautions: The following is a destructive task. Ensure you have working backups and/or snapshots of the vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 before proceeding.   Connect to vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 via SSH Run the shell command to switch to the BASH Shell:shell Stop the VMware Update Manager Service:service-control --stop vmware-updatemgr Run the following command... Continue Reading →

Error in Vsphere web Flash client. Cannot navigate to the desired location. Error details: An error occurred while activating extension vsphere.core.inventory.domainView. Invalid domain view id: vsphere.core.inventory.domainView

From: http://www.virtuallyghetto.com/2010/07/how-to-unregister-vcenter.html   1. Point your web browser to your vCenter server: https://VC-Server/mob and login. 2. Click on content: 3. Locate and click on ExtensionManager: 4. Click on the plugin you are interested in removing: 5. Record the plugin key id which will be used to remove the plugin: 6. Now, go back to previous page and at the... Continue Reading →

Virtual Center Appliance pre check failed Error: Source vCenter Server schema validation found an issue.

from the migration log: 2017-08-18 15:31:41.969Z| migration-assistant-5973321| E: ParsePreUpgradeOutput: Error: Failed to discover a system name that is compatible with both your VMware vCenter Server certificate and your VMware Single Sign-On certificate that can be used to migrate to a VMware vCenter Server Appliance with an embedded Platform Services Controller. 2017-08-18 15:31:41.969Z| migration-assistant-5973321| I: ParsePreUpgradeOutput:... Continue Reading →

Virtualcenter precheck migration from 5.5 to 6.5. Source vCenter Server schema validation found an issue.

Felmeddelande med Precheck vid migrering: Error: Source vCenter Server schema validation found an issue. 1 [42000](50000) [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0][SQL Server]ERROR ! Missing constraints: VPX_ENTITY_LAST_EVENT.FK_VPX_LAST_EVENT_EVENT;   Testa först med detta sql script: alter table VPX_ENTITY_LAST_EVENT add constraint FK_VPX_LAST_EVENT_EVENT foreign key(LAST_EVENT_ID) references VPX_EVENT (EVENT_ID) on delete cascade Funkar inte detta måste följande göras: Please  follow... Continue Reading →

Using esxtop to identify storage performance issues

Using esxtop to identify storage performance issues Details This article provides information about esxtop and latency statistics that can be used when troubleshooting performance issues with SAN-connected storage (Fibre Channel or iSCSI). Solution The interactive esxtop utility can be used to provide I/O metrics over various devices attached to a VMware ESX host. Configuring monitoring using esxtop To monitor... Continue Reading →

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