Please follow this great guide from Cody!

When you come to the point when you shall install or update something stop!

Now it is time for proxy stuff.

Apt proxy settings

sudo vi /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/proxy.conf

Acquire {
HTTP::proxy “”;
HTTPS::proxy “”;


For other Linux stuff you want to add this in root users home directory or any users home directory.

vi /root/.profile

Add below in the end of the file:

export http_proxy=
export https_proxy=
export ftp_proxy=

Now you have internet access with proxy continue Cody guide.

And now for the call home function for Pure after finished the guide
Create directory
mkdir /var/lib/ccm/network/


vi  /var/lib/ccm/network/http_proxy
and add the proxy in the file and save it

After this I did restart, but I think it is enough with:
purevmanalytics restart in the console

Loook in the log file for errors. My errors vanished after this…

cat /var/log/docker/vm_analytics/ccm.log
or if you want an active log rolling
tail -f /var/log/docker/vm_analytics/ccm.log


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