Test vCPU configuration to get best performance out of a VM. What configuration shall I use. #vCPU @vExpert @VMware #virtualmachine @FrankDenneman #numa @mwVme

We start with what our goals are We have a vm that want to take as much cpu power as possible from the host. But how shall we configure the VM to make the most of it. You have read about numa nodes and what that means? right? If not look, at the bottom of... Continue Reading →

In place upgrade to Windows 2019 from Windows 2016. Error 0xC1900101 – 0x30018 The installation failed in FIRST_BOOT phase with an error during SYSPREP operation. #windows2019 @MicrosoftHelps @Microsoft

Hi all! This must be one of the first time that this happens, something about Windows in this blogg. But i felt like this must be shared. I was doing in place upgrade from Windows 2016 to 2019. And some some servers went well and some got this message. The upgrade went to about 52%... Continue Reading →

Attending Active Defense & Cyber Deception with @strandjs and want to run the WINADHD vm in ESXi, please read this. @WWHackinFest @BHinfoSecurity @ACTIVECMEASURES #ACTIVECOUNTERMEASURES #THREATHUNTING #BEACONS #WINADHD

If you attending John strand in this epic course and want to run the lab vm in Vmware ESXi please read this. If not, go and do something with your girlfriend,boyfriend or children or take a beer and relax! Hi, I am looking at a new way to work so I was not able to... Continue Reading →

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