Attending Active Defense & Cyber Deception with @strandjs and want to run the WINADHD vm in ESXi, please read this. @WWHackinFest @BHinfoSecurity @ACTIVECMEASURES #ACTIVECOUNTERMEASURES #THREATHUNTING #BEACONS #WINADHD

If you attending John strand in this epic course and want to run the lab vm in Vmware ESXi please read this. If not, go and do something with your girlfriend,boyfriend or children or take a beer and relax!

Hi, I am looking at a new way to work so I was not able to run any workstation stuff on my PC. ( A future post will follow)

But let’s begin.


  1. Download the VM (
  2. Extract it
  3. Upload it to the ESXi
  4. Create a new vm
  5. Import the disk file
  6. Edit the vm
  7. Start

Extract the WINADHD03_21 and then upload the whole folder to ESXI (I did the whole directory, only vmdk is nessesary. But I wanted to keep original machine)

Create New VM name WINADHD and do not forget to enable Hardware Virtualization

Time to import the vmdk to the new machine

vmkfstools -i /vmfs/volumes/LOCAL-ESX71/WINADHD03_21/WINADHD-disk1.vmdk /vmfs/volumes/LOCAL-ESX71/WINA

Add the imported disk to new machine

Then browse to the directory

The machine looks like this

And everything is working great!

We will do some nice stuff these 4 days!



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