What can you do when your cluster vcls are corrupt or do not boot? #vExpert @VMwarevSphere #esxi


I upgraded some vmware cluster and stumble up on VCLS machine on high cpu usages. That is strange, because these are small machines and should not take any cpu normally.

And you can not do anything about it. You can shut the machine down, but it will start up again.

In my case the VCLs machine was corrupt for some reason!

High CPU:

To get around this I can always move the ESXi hosts to a new cluster and the VCLs will be recreated. But thats is alot of work.

So here it was I did

Get the cluster id

Mark the cluster in vcenter. Look at the URL and you will find the cluster number. So in my case the Cluster number is c4218

On the vcenter object in Virtual Center go to Advanced Settings, then press Edit Settings

You will get a warning that you can remove these, but you can. Next post!

Then you need to add name and a value


The value set to False

In my case: config.vcls.clusters.domain-cc4218.enabled 

After around 1 minute the VCLs machine will be removed by the system.

When all the VCLs are removed you set the value to true

The VCLs will be recreated and you are done. Simpler then move or recreate a cluster!

That was all for today!

Keep hacking


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