Failed the #oscp, what happens now? Pros and Cons regarding @offsectraining and there Learn One Annual Subscription. #i_still_wanna_be_an_oscp_certified_nerd


First of I don’t heckle any knowledge or any company, this is my view of my world! And because I failed this one I can not do a comparison between the certification that I have and this one. I hope it is coming in 2023 🙂

I will have a meeting with @offsectraining, and we will see what happens and what the next step is. Buy the package again?
When I have the answer I will update you on that.

If you do the Lean One Annual Subscription and do it like this you do not have any problems!

  • Sign up for the annual experience
  • Do the labs and the exercises
  • Sign up for the exam before 1 year has expired
  • Pass the exam at first attempt

The problem for me is that I have a job that does not always involves security stuff, that’s why I took the 1 year learning path.
If you want to know about my journey in this security world go here:

I bought this on 2021-12-30 so my last day to take the exam is on Tue, 03 Jan 2023, 08:18

If you fail, the cool off period is 2 weeks for this subscription, if you wanna know.

I got the the portal today and tried to reschedule, but no luck!

What I did not know at the beginning was that after 1 year I do not have access to the course anymore or am I able to do the exam after 1 year has ended. My own fault for not doing my homework!

UPDATE 2022-12-21 17:50

I sent an email to offensive security and asked what to do? If you are not able to schedule exam as in my case. They extend the period to 1 month. Then I will have from first free date to 1 month from my exam date ended. (3:e feb in my case)

So if anyone else out there has any thoughts around this here are my tips and tricks:

  • Sign up, it is a really nice course and exam
  • Do 1 test at least 2 month before the end date, even if you are not ready! (It is different from ordinary exams)
  • Schedule the second attempt right away, if you fail the first one.

I hope I did not scary any of you taking this course. It is adventure, and the community is awesome. You learn a lot, and you spend a very much time in front of a computer. What is so bad about that?

Keep hacking



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