Passed this fantastic course API Penetration Testing Course from @apisecu with @hAPI_hacker. This is my review after finishing the course. #hacking @Burp_Suite #zapproxy #hacking #api @owasp

Hi! Today I want to say a few words about a course I finished yesterday night! This review could have been a one liner: Take this course, if you don’t you are missing something really cool! Big shout out  for making this possible. Really great work! Corey J. Ball Dan Barahona But I want... Continue Reading →

Review on Practical Web Application Security and Testing from @TCMSecurity and @mttaggart learn @owasp #hacking #education #almostfree

Hi! I do this one more time then I need to go back to the original schedule read here : I did find this course very helpful so I need to say a few words. This course was amazing. One thing stands out from any other web course. After you finish the course you... Continue Reading →

Review on Practical Malware Analysis & Triage from @TCMSecurity and @HuskyHacksMK #malware #hacking #education #almostfree

Hi It is not often I do a post a review of  web courses except in my journey post But I did find this course so dam good that I need to shout it out. This course was amazing. I learned alot, new stuff for me. Matt Kiely  @HuskyHacksMK who was the teacher is amazing,... Continue Reading →

How did I pass OSWP exam? Tips and Tricks. @offsectraining #PEN-210 #hacking #pentesting #wireless #INVID #dyslexia

Hi! Today I received my first certification from Offensive-Security (not counting PEN-100). If someone else is in progress of taking this course or thinking about it here are my tips and tricks. Here are some links from offensive security that you shall read if you will attend an exam from Offensive-Security. Verification Links ... Continue Reading →

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