Review on Practical Web Application Security and Testing from @TCMSecurity and @mttaggart learn @owasp #hacking #education #almostfree


I do this one more time then I need to go back to the original schedule read here :

I did find this course very helpful so I need to say a few words. This course was amazing. One thing stands out from any other web course. After you finish the course you can if you want do a last exercise. Do a web pen test and write a report. Then you send this to the teacher thru discord and Michael goes thru this and leave his thoughts. And he will tell you the thruth. But we are all here to learn and negative feedback on something you do is good feedback for you, then you can improve and be better. I do not think that any other almost free web course have this. Big shout to Michael Taggart for doing this for almost 0 dollar.  I was able to get my report reviewed 3 times by Michael.

Never Give Up until you get this!

Michael Taggart @mttaggart who was the teacher is amazing. Easy to listen to and you will not get tired of his voice.

In this course you will learn a lot of web application stuff. You will also learn how to set up you own environment to get started hacking.

And the big thing that many people have includning me is reporting. Here you will find out what you did wrong or rigtht on your report. Ofcourse this report is not mandatory. But I think it was almost the best thing about this. But that just me!

This course is a must if you like the same stuff that I do. And I only paid 1$ plus tax to get this. Amazing. Thanks to @TCMSecurity for delivering the platform so courses like this can exist!




The Topics in the course are

Web Application Concepts
Server-Side Webapps
The OWASP Top 10
Client-Side Webapps
Webapp Pentesting Methodology
Juice Shop Pentest


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