Review on Practical Malware Analysis & Triage from @TCMSecurity and @HuskyHacksMK #malware #hacking #education #almostfree


It is not often I do a post a review of  web courses except in my journey post

But I did find this course so dam good that I need to shout it out. This course was amazing.

I learned alot, new stuff for me.

Matt Kiely  @HuskyHacksMK who was the teacher is amazing, great voice. You can even listen to him with 1,5 speed at the course and still you will be able to pick up everything.

I hope Matt starts a podcast so I can listen to him even more! 🙂

In this course you will learn the basic in Reversing Malware. You will also learn how to set up you own environment to get started.

This course is a must if you like the same stuff that I do. And I only paid 1$ plus tax to get this. amazing. Thanks to @TCMSecurity for delivering the platform so courses like this can exist!


 The Topics of the course are vc:

Safety Always! Building Your Malware Analysis Lab & Malware Safety

Basic Static Analysis

Basic Dynamic Analysis

Advanced Static Analysis: Assembly Language, Decompiling, & Disassembling Malware

Advanced Dynamic Analysis: Debugging Malware

Binary Patching

Gone Phishing: Maldoc Analysis

What The Shell? Shellcode Analysis

Off-Script: Scripted Malware Delivery Mechanisms

Stay Sharp: Reversing C# Malware

Go Time: Analyzing Go Malware

Get Mobile! Mobile Malware Analysis

Automation: Sandboxes & Pipelines

Tell The World: Rule Writing & Report Publishing

Thats all!

Kepp hacking!



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