Passed this fantastic course API Penetration Testing Course from @apisecu with @hAPI_hacker. This is my review after finishing the course. #hacking @Burp_Suite #zapproxy #hacking #api @owasp

Hi! Today I want to say a few words about a course I finished yesterday night! This review could have been a one liner: Take this course, if you don’t you are missing something really cool! Big shout out  for making this possible. Really great work! Corey J. Ball Dan Barahona But I want... Continue Reading →

Review on Practical Web Application Security and Testing from @TCMSecurity and @mttaggart learn @owasp #hacking #education #almostfree

Hi! I do this one more time then I need to go back to the original schedule read here : I did find this course very helpful so I need to say a few words. This course was amazing. One thing stands out from any other web course. After you finish the course you... Continue Reading →

Review on Practical Malware Analysis & Triage from @TCMSecurity and @HuskyHacksMK #malware #hacking #education #almostfree

Hi It is not often I do a post a review of  web courses except in my journey post But I did find this course so dam good that I need to shout it out. This course was amazing. I learned alot, new stuff for me. Matt Kiely  @HuskyHacksMK who was the teacher is amazing,... Continue Reading →

How did I pass OSWP exam? Tips and Tricks. @offsectraining #PEN-210 #hacking #pentesting #wireless #INVID #dyslexia

Hi! Today I received my first certification from Offensive-Security (not counting PEN-100). If someone else is in progress of taking this course or thinking about it here are my tips and tricks. Here are some links from offensive security that you shall read if you will attend an exam from Offensive-Security. Verification Links ... Continue Reading →

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Analys Master Class with @Gerald_Auger #SimplyCyber @NIST #cybersecurity #education

I did take a small break today from Offensive Security today and found a realy nice course, not so practical but still very important. If some of below words is picking your brain this course is for youA Cybersecurity Primer, Compliance and Audit Work, Security Awareness Work, Cybersecurity Risk Work, Information Security Governance Work, Getting... Continue Reading →

Eat, Drink, Sleep and Shit security. How in a “easy” way keep you updated on what is happening out there. @BHinfoSecurity @ActiveCmeasures @WWHackinFest @intigriti #security #knowledge

How do you keep you updated on what is happening out there, I have some tools and workflow that will keep you busy. One thing you need to think about, not everything on the internet is the truth.The hard thing here is that there is endless information out there, but yo do not need to... Continue Reading →

My OCSP and PNPT journey from the beginning, during and I hope “the end”. @TCMSecurity @thecybermentor @offsectraining #PEN-100 #PEN-103 #PEN-200 #PEN-203 #WEB-100 #SOC-100 #PNPT #OSCP @joplinapp @reconmap @BHinfoSecurity @ActiveCmeasures @WWHackinFest @strandjs #hacking #pentesting

Intro Hi all! My plan is that under 2022 to take OSCP and PNPT exam. To get the full picture we start from the beginning. Why do I post this? Share knowledge is the simple answer, and I am getting old so I need to document everything I do. I think this is a good... Continue Reading →

Open-Source Vulnerability Assessment and Pentesting Management Platform @reconmap #pentesting #opensource #hacking #opensource #cybersecurity

Hi again! Time to look at reconmap. We in this line of work love abbreviation, so I call this OVAPMP (Vulnerability Assessment and Pentesting Management Platform). I was looking for a tool/system documenting my work regarding vulnerability scans, pentest and bug bounty work. I have tried different kind of solutions, I think I have found the... Continue Reading →

Install, build and run Sn1per. Testing the free version. @Sn1perSecurity #attacksurface #infosec #assetmanagement #attacksurfacediscovery #bugbounty #platform #netsec #offsec #redteam #pentest #attacksurfacemanagement

Hi all out there. It is time to take a look at sn1per. A tool that automate opensource stuff for us. As always we start with the steps Install some os in my kase running kaliGet the docker fileBuildRun sn1per installation wget docker build -t sn1per . Below is gonna take some time to... Continue Reading →

How to approach security by learning or really any learning (my way) @albinowax @jaybeale @ralphte1 @goteleport @CyberDefenders @BanjoCrashland @BHinfoSecurity @dayzerosec @NakedSecurity @cert_se #pentest #PENTESTING #redteam #infosec

First thanx to all mention in this post! The hard thing about security is the wide range of stuff you have to learn if you wanna be the best. That is the goal you should have, I want to be the best. But the downside of this is that how do I learn everything, I... Continue Reading →

Fith step in setting up C2 environment. Using socat as front to SILENTTRINITY. Command and Control my way. @c2_matrix @byt3bl33d3r @porchetta_ind #pentest #pentesting #redteam #infosec

Now we are gonna look at SILENTTRINITY from @byt3bl33d3r I think this will be the last test of Command and Controll application. I have other stuff to do. But I hope you all had a good read and set some things in motions for you. Here is the link that you can read and download... Continue Reading →

Fourth step in setting up C2 environment. Using socat as front to Covenant. Command and Control my way. @c2_matrix #Covenant #pentest #pentesting #redteam #infosec

It is time for part 4 in this series to set up a Command and Control, and this time I am trying out C2 server Covenant. You can go and read about Covenant here A picture says more than 1000 words so lets start with that! Covenant Short list install kaliapt-get updateapt full-upgradesystemctl enable... Continue Reading →

Third step in setting up C2 environment. Using socat as front to merlin. Command and Control my way. @c2_matrix @merlin_c2 #pentest #pentesting #redteam #infosec

It is time for part 3 in this series to set up a Command and Control, and this time I am trying out C2 server Merlin. You can go and read about Merlin here A picture says more than 1000 words so lets start with that! Merlin The short step by step list install... Continue Reading →

First steps in setting up C2 environment. Using socat as front to metsaploit. Command and Control my way. @c2_matrix @metasploit #pentest #pentesting #redteam #infosec

Hi, I know that is been a while since the last post, but life got in the way. But it is time now. My goal in these coming post is to setup different Command and Control systems and try them out. Information about different C2 can be found on this fantastic site So as... Continue Reading →


Hi all! There is a new version of Hashcat out for you to try! Here you can download it 312 different algorithms to use. The different attack modes are: Straight, Combination, Brute-force, Hybrid dict + mask, Hybrid mask + dict and Association Fixes There is 26 bugfixes in this release. New attack mode: Association... Continue Reading →

Attending Cyber Threat Hunting Level 1 w/ Chris Brenton | 4-hours and want to run the VM in QEMU/KVM this is how I got it to work. @ActiveCmeasures #activecountermeasures #AIHunter #ThreatHunting #Beacons #Activecountermeasures @Zeekurity

Hi all! If you are like me attending the Threat Hunting Training Course named Cyber Threat Hunting Level 1 w/ Chris Brenton | 4-Hours on Thursday and want to run the virtual machine in qemu/kvm native do it like this. Download and read the below link! As always start with the short version! Convert... Continue Reading →

CEH Master, LPT, eJPT and eCPPTv2. My thoughts about the exams ,courses and how I got there. @ECCOUNCIL @eLearnSecurity @ReadynezSocial @hackthebox_eu @RealTryHackMe @BHinfoSecurity @RedSiege @WWHackinFest @ActiveCmeasures

I am gonna try to explain how my dedicated my life to work and what it takes for me to get this far. This is gonna be about the penetrations exams that I took, but I would not have passed these if I did not took the Novell Netware Networking course back in the days.... Continue Reading →

Passing the eCPPTv2 certification from eLearnSecurity. 10 answers for you to pass the exam. Thanx to @eLearnSecurity @RealTryHackMe #eCPPTv2 @thecybermentor #infosec #hacking #pentest #pentesting #redteam #hackthebox #linux4hackers #blackbox

Got the eCPPTv2 Certification today. Nice way to start the year with. 7 days of penetration testing and 7 days of report writing. Total of 14 days. This is the schedule that you get. The penetration test is in form of black box. You can use what tool you want. Why invent the wheel again?... Continue Reading →

Adding automating pentest tools for WebApi to my hacking rig. Astra and Fuzzapi. @bsdbandit @RedSiege @TimMedin @Fuzzapi0x00 #OpenSource #Security #WebServices #API #webapi

This blog will be relatively short, but I thought the webinar I listened to was so interesting that I have to write about it. Webinar from Red Siege yesterday evening (21.00 Swedish time) regarding hacking webapi. Link: This was presented by @bsdbandit. I was blown away, this is really cool stuff. I was the... Continue Reading →

Explain in my own way how to do basic Buffer Overflow. With help from @RealTryHackMe #BufferOverlow #Hacking #INFOSEC #LINUX4HACKERS #pentest #pentesting #redteam

First this is not advanced BufferOverflow, more for me to write down and document what I did at tryhackme to get BufferOverflow Prep working. We start of what you need. Windows 7 box with ImmunityDebugger and mona installed. Access to the application ocsp.exe. You can do this online with tryhackme or download the application your... Continue Reading →

Why would you use masks with hashcat when you crack hashes in brute force mode. @hashcat #LINUX4HACKERS #HASHCAT #LINUX #INFOSEC #HACKING #PENTEST #PENTESTING #REDTEAM #NVIDA #TESLAM60 #NTLM #BRUTEFORCE

In this post I will try to explain why it is important to use masks when you crack password from hashes with hashcat. The machine that I run hashcat on has 2 Tesla M60 card and running Linux. Why do I not use longer password in this test, I do not want to wait 7... Continue Reading →

How to export/crack SAM database with internal Windows tools if you do not have access to mimikatz / hashdump / metasploit. As a bonus we also look at cached domain hashes. #LINUX4HACKERS #HASHCAT #LINUX #INFOSEC #HACKING #PENTEST #PENTESTING #REDTEAM #NVIDA #TESLAM60

Hi! I wanted to dump hashes on a Windows 10 box without any external tools. This is how I did it. We start at first with the short version Export SAM with reg.exeConvert SAM with impacket-secretsdump to get to the hashesUse hashcat to crack the hashes We start first with exporting the sam database with... Continue Reading →

Using MindMap application when doing pentest or ctf! Up for you to decide. #MindMaps #freesoftware #kali #linux4hackers #linux #infosec #hacking #pentest #pentesting #redteam @kalilinux #ctf #bugbountytips @insilmaril

I was thinking about a nice and easy way to save a penetration test and come up with this.Use a MindMap application.There is a alot of MindMap application out there. I am running Linux on my machine so I ended up with VYM. ( nice thing about VYM is that it is free and comes... Continue Reading →

Installing Crowdsec on my hacking rig. How to block unwanted connections. Like bruteforce attacks on ssh. @Crowd_Security @DanielMiessler #hacker #bruteforce #ssh #cybersecurity #Security

I was reading on Daniel Miessler website and got really excited about his article about replacement to fail2ban. ). Please subscribe to his newsletter, really nice reading. Daniel explains this application in detail and I want to show how I did the installation on my machines. Some difference are there. I wont say it... Continue Reading →

Install LogonTracer in my hacking rig. #blueteam @jpcert_en #LogonTracer #ubuntu #linux #infosec #logging #hacking @Docker #logontracer @neo4j

It is time to test LogonTracer from @jpcert_en you can get your copy from From the website:LogonTracer is a tool to investigate malicious logon by visualizing and analyzing Windows active directory event logs. We start with a new installation of ubuntu. The servername for this is Logon. The installation is not in this post.... Continue Reading →

Installing Security Onion 2.3 in my hacking rig. @securityonion #opensource @Elasticsearch #zeek #grafana #qsquery #wazuh #thehive #playbook #kibana #squert #snort #cortex #fleet #suricata #logstash @BHinfoSecurity @elastic @TheHive_Project @grafana

I must thank @BHinfoSecurity to get my interest in this. There webinars is great, especially 30 minutes before the real webinar begins.Now lets get started. As you have seen I did installation of 16.04 version before. My mistake, to tired! No I have to do this again with the new version. Like 16.04 version this... Continue Reading →

How to access internal machines with ssh tunneling. Tunnel rdp thru a jumpstation with ssh. #infosec #hacking #pentest #pentesting #redteam #linux4hackers #kali #parrotos #linux #linux4hackers #ssh

This is follow up of the previous post regarding my rig. How do I access this where ever I am? I use SSH tunneling for that. If I loose connection for some reason I always use tmux on the target so I can reconnect to the same session as before. We start with a picture,... Continue Reading →

How did I create hacking rig for ethical hacking. Based on VMware with Tesla M60. #infosec #hacking #pentest #pentesting #redteam #hackthebox #tryhackme #linux4hackers #ctf #kali #parrotos #linux #godaddy #linux4hackers

My goal with this project was to create a hacking rig that I can use when doing hackthebox, tryhackme and other ctf:s. I was lucky to get my hands on a server with Tesla M60 card. My other goal was also to have a server that I can use in phishing tests, and show others... Continue Reading →

How to get IPv6 and IPv4 support with proxychain4 running kali. #hack #kali #linux #infosec #hacking #pentest #pentesting #redteam #proxychain4

I wanted to use proxychain with IPv6, ended up with this configuration. If you have not install proxychain4 do that now! Tor configuration file add below /etc/tor/torrc SocksPort [::1]:9050 SocksPort ClientUseIPv6 1 ClientPreferIPv6ORPort 1 ClientPreferIPv6DirPort 1 Proxychain4 configuration file. Add the information below in the file under [ProxyList] /etc/proxychain.conf socks5 :: 9050 socks4 Continue Reading →

Spam-test. Test if your email adress / domain are on any blacklist or if anything is wrongly configured. Check for spf,dkim and other stuff. #pentesting #blueteam #cybersecurity #spam #tester

This is a simple way to test if your email security is ok. Open a web browser and access and copy the destination email on the page. Then send a email to that address that you got from the page Then go back to the web page and press Then check your score. (wait... Continue Reading →

Buffer Overflow, how do I prepare for Penetration Testing Professional V5 buffer overflow part. @eLearnSecurity #bufferoverflow #infosec #hacking #pentest #pentesting #redteam #hackthebox #INVIDGruppen #INVID

I am  not a programmer from the beginning so I struggle a lot with buffer overflow part of the PTP course. I can not turn back  time 25 years and start study programming so how do a old dog learn buffer overflow? This is what I do. Watch Videos, I learn faster if someone tells... Continue Reading →

How to set up juice-shop @ heroku for free. Then begin hacking your own web application. @heroku @owasp #infosec #hacking #pentest #cybersecurity #webhacking

Update 2022-08-25 Seems that this is not gonna be free anymore 🙂 I was watching a YouTube video from  and wanted to spread the word to my 2 followers. This is a great way to get started with web application hacking. You will set up your own environment in seconds. After the deployment... Continue Reading →

Create file with hostnames from website with cewl, then scan the webserver for vhosts with Metasploit vhost_scanner to find hidden virtual hosts on webserver. #infosec #hacking #pentest #pentesting #redteam #hackthebox #ctf #linux4hackers

We start to collect possible hostnames from websites with Cewl cewl -w cewl.txt You can also use some other switches like -d = deph to look on the website for words -m = minimum wordlengh -w = outputfiel So that the final command can look like this: cewl -d 5 -w cewl.txt When... Continue Reading →

CORE-IT is a FREE virtual conference hosted by Chappell University. The online event begins March 24th at 9 am Pacific Time. #wireshark #nmap #darknet @torproject #kismet #tcp #dns @LauraChappell

I got an email regarding a  free Virtual Conference 2020! Could be something real nice! Agenda here:

Fishing with Raspberry Pi, Kali, Auto connect to VPN, Auto register domain with GoDaddy, Automatic SSL cert with Letsencrypt, Run Golang, Run Gophish @letsencrypt @golang @kalilinux @GoDaddy #kali #raspberrypie #linux #infosec #hacking #pentest #pentesting #redteam #gophish

This is just for demo, I used root as user, you should perhaps consider other user to do this. Installation of Kali Download Kali Image Flash the SDCARD with etcher on you Kali box or any other burning program. Put the sdcard in the PI and boot OpenVPN Autostart Download opvpn conf file from... Continue Reading →

How to exploit Active Directory ACL based privilege escalation path with Bloodhound and Then collect the hashes, if you are lucky to get that level of access with #kali #kalilinux #hacking #pentest #pentesting #redteam

This was done from Kali box. Of course the Sharphound was ran on a compromised computer. Used application Bloodhound and Sharphound ( ) aclpwn ( ) Steps to do it Get output with sharphound and put that on our kali box use -all when run the Sharphound. Start neo4j and bloodhound import the... Continue Reading →

How to turn of power management on the wifi in kali 2010.1 (or any other distro using NetworkManager). @kalilinux #kali #kalilinux #linux #NetworkManager

Sometimes there are issues with speed, performance, lost of connection to access points. This can be helpful in some configurations. Before: iwconfig wlan0 wlan0 IEEE 802.11 ESSID: Mode:Managed Frequency:5.26 GHz Bit Rate=6 Mb/s Tx-Power=20 dBm Retry short limit:7 RTS thr:off Fragment thr:off Power Management:on Link Quality=56/70 Signal level=-54 dBm Rx invalid nwid:0 Rx invalid crypt:0... Continue Reading →

How did my journey to Licensed Penetration Tester (Master) Certification begins and ends. My own thoughts. #LPTMaster #penetrationtesting #infosec #eccouncil @ReadynezSocial @ECCOUNCIL

My journey began 2018-07-09 at Readynez ( Örenäs Slott) a rely warm summer week for Sweden anyway, almost 30 degrees Celsius. Here is what I think about about the journey that I choose to take. CEH Course There is a lot talk about this course on social media. But for a beginner like me this... Continue Reading →


I have read many things about that CEH is not that good, but I think otherwise. I think everyone in IT schould attend a cource like this. You learn alot, some basic some advanced stuff. You need to start from somewhere, and this is a good starting point. You need to learn how to walk... Continue Reading →

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