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First thanx to all mention in this post!

The hard thing about security is the wide range of stuff you have to learn if you wanna be the best. That is the goal you should have, I want to be the best. But the downside of this is that how do I learn everything, I want it all. But when you look out there and just browse just the free stuff you realize that I will watch videos for the rest of my life!

If you are into so security try hackthebox, tryhackme or cyber range for example!

Knowledge curve, you need to repeat, repeat and repeat

If you are new in security here is my tip and tricks. I think this apply to everything you want to learn. Start to crawl before you walk, walk before running.

  1. Set a goal (small goals first)
  2. Learn the basics ( I know it is boring, but just do it)
  3. Repeat (Knowledge is easy to shoulder, but it needs to be fresh.)
  4. Watch this
  5. Start a blogg or document our findings along the way. It can med notepad also.

Here are some good links that you my find useful! It is not much, but if you go thru everything I think you will end it until my next post 🙂

I know that the below posts a spreading a lot, but that is my point.

How to Share Your Knowledge with Others

@BanjoCrashland @BHinfoSecurity

HTTP/2 for Hackers


Attacking and Defending Kubernetes – Jay Beale


DevOps for Hackers with Hands-On Labs w/ Ralph May


SSH Tunneling Explained


DetectionLabELK – A Fork From DetectionLab With ELK Stack Instead Of Splunk


For the Swedish audience


Podcast you my find really nice

@dayzerosec @NakedSecurity

Linux Journey

Learn Linux from the beginning


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