Passing the eCPPTv2 certification from eLearnSecurity. 10 answers for you to pass the exam. Thanx to @eLearnSecurity @RealTryHackMe #eCPPTv2 @thecybermentor #infosec #hacking #pentest #pentesting #redteam #hackthebox #linux4hackers #blackbox

Got the eCPPTv2 Certification today. Nice way to start the year with.

7 days of penetration testing and 7 days of report writing. Total of 14 days. This is the schedule that you get.
The penetration test is in form of black box. You can use what tool you want.

Why invent the wheel again? Really nice articles about the same thing here (they are better than this one)—certified-professional-penetration-tester

But I must have my thoughts about this exam!

Every person have there own struggle, concentrate, writing, technical skills, over achievement and anxiety.

In my case the report was the hardest. I am really bad at writing and spelling and write good content as you already know if you read this far. And I have watch 100 videos about Buffer Overflow and was confident that this will be fine. Then I started the tryhackme Buffer Overflow stuff and got the result “BAD”.
Lets face it I am hands on guy, If I do not type it for self it is not real. YouTube is for the younger generation not old people born in the 70’s, we can not take that information in our brains.

Do not forget to read the papers from elearnSecurity about this exam

10. Technical tips

  1. tmux is the shit
  2. Take a lot of screenshots ( my report ended at 53 pages)
  3. Have a windows 7 machine or any other 32 bit os next to you. Install Immunity Debugger with mona
  4. It does not mater if you have nvidia V100 card
  5. More than 1 screen. I had my laptop and 2 external screens.
  6. I used kali as the attacker box, use one that you are good at.
  7. Know nmap
  8. Know enumeration
  9. Know pivoting and proxychains
  10. Know how to write a report

Is it worth the time

YES It is great. Knowledge is the king! And Never Give Up!

Will you pass.

If you are that far ahead that you can do an Buffer Overflow you will pass.
Any doubt about Buffer Overflow here you go

Please go thru below, if you do not you will not pass:

If you do not like tryhackme the please go thru this:

If you do not like british people then go for the cyber mentor:

Thanx for reading so far

Keep hacking

// Roger


2 thoughts on “Passing the eCPPTv2 certification from eLearnSecurity. 10 answers for you to pass the exam. Thanx to @eLearnSecurity @RealTryHackMe #eCPPTv2 @thecybermentor #infosec #hacking #pentest #pentesting #redteam #hackthebox #linux4hackers #blackbox

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  1. The most well written post i’ve read by you. You’re really getting a hang of it. This post has a red thread that is easy to follow. Awesome job and congrats on the certificate! Well done!

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