PNPT Exam review and how did I approach the exam. Delivered by @TCMSecurity @thecybermentor #Cybersecurity #hacking

I must start saying that this exam was great. I started doing practical exam during my Novell eDirectory 991 course back in the days. And I loved them. This is another exam that I must say goes to my heart. I love the practical stuff. One other thing to say about this exam is that... Continue Reading →

Passing the eCPPTv2 certification from eLearnSecurity. 10 answers for you to pass the exam. Thanx to @eLearnSecurity @RealTryHackMe #eCPPTv2 @thecybermentor #infosec #hacking #pentest #pentesting #redteam #hackthebox #linux4hackers #blackbox

Got the eCPPTv2 Certification today. Nice way to start the year with. 7 days of penetration testing and 7 days of report writing. Total of 14 days. This is the schedule that you get. The penetration test is in form of black box. You can use what tool you want. Why invent the wheel again?... Continue Reading →

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