CEH Master, LPT, eJPT and eCPPTv2. My thoughts about the exams ,courses and how I got there. @ECCOUNCIL @eLearnSecurity @ReadynezSocial @hackthebox_eu @RealTryHackMe @BHinfoSecurity @RedSiege @WWHackinFest @ActiveCmeasures

I am gonna try to explain how my dedicated my life to work and what it takes for me to get this far.

This is gonna be about the penetrations exams that I took, but I would not have passed these if I did not took the Novell Netware Networking course back in the days. Knowledge is the key.

How much time do I dedicate to IT

I would say it like this, this is not a 8 to 5 thing. I live with my computer and try stuff all the time. My wife sometimes ask me if I have my darling with me. And she means the computer. So lets say 40-90 hours of IT hours a week.

If I would change anything in my IT career what would I change

I would learn how to code in different languages. I started use python now, that is my
Achilles heel. And when you get old it is really hard to learn stuff from scratch. At least for me.

What about what vendor to choose

I hear a lot of trash talking from all over the place, this certification is crap, this certification does not mean anything. In this blog post I do not look at the vendors of the course only the content and the ones that deliver the course or exam. For example, I have heard a lot of trash about CEH. This course for me, is a course that everyone in IT should take. It goes thru everything.
It is not about compare CEH to anything else. And also ask the people how do trash talk about any course, Did you take the course. A course is about so much more. The content of a course can be great but the teacher can be so bad. Is the course bad then? of course it is, for you.

Course on site or do it your self

For me I do learn more and faster if I have a teacher or mentor. So you can talk and reason about the content. But for example eLearnSecurity course, the content is great, but I have no one to talk to. In my case I did the CEH and LPT at Readynez @ReadynezSocial and had a great teacher Jens Gilges https://www.linkedin.com/in/jens-gilges-1aa719151/?originalSubdomain=de


CEH Cource – Great way to get starting in security
CEH – Practical Cource
LPT – Cource

CEH Exam
CEH – Practical Exam
LPT – Test
eLearn Security eJPT Exam
eLearn Security eCPPTv2 Exam

The big difference between these exams

eLearnSecurity exam you use your own machine to do the penetration test. In CEH or LPT you are using like a jump station in a web browser. All the tools you need are installed. You have 1 windows machine and 1 Linux machine to our disposal.
CEH and LPT are proctored exam eLearnsecurity is not. You can also only use 1 screen in CEH and LPT.
And the approach is different. In CEH and LPT you get question to answer, in eLearnsecurity, you own the machines. In CEH or LPT you get a question like, What is the socialsecurity number for Roger.
In table format

Open BookXXXX
Dual ScreenXX
Dedicated Attacker Box in web browserXX
Native internet access from the exam machines
Buffer OverflowX
SQL injectionXXXX
Report WritingXX
Questions to answerXXX
Get root on everythingX
What exam shall I takeXXXX
Table Exams

My personal way in IT

I do a lot of tryhackme and hack the box to have repetitive training. Knowledge i fresh, you need repetitive education to get it inside you brain. Even more the older you get. I also do a lot of webinars to get fresh information and knowledge.


If you thinking about any of these course I think i I took the right path. Both content and degree of difficulty.

Other course and Exam before, during and after above timeline

For me everything is about knowledge, I love to learn new stuff all the time. To get a picture what I do between exams and what I did before. Here is a list of knowledge transfers that I have done. Plus all other things that do not get me a diploma, like tryhackme or hackthebox.

How to Analyze Encrypted Traffic on Your NetworkEducationSecurityActive Countermeasure2021-02-03
You Don’t Have To Be Crazy to work here with Doug BrushEducationSecurityWild West Hackin2021-01-27
Web API WeaknessesEducationSecurityRedSiege2021-01-19
Releasing Your First Python Open Source Project to the MassesEducationSecurityWild West Hackin2021-01-13
Ethical Hacking: Sql InjectionsEducationSecurityPluralsight2020-01-04
Upping Your Defense and DetectionsEducationSecurityWild West Hackin2020-12-17
SOC Core Skills with John StrandEducationSecurityWild West Hackin2020-12-17
Unpacking The PacketEducationSecurityRedSiege2020-12-15
SE_ Converged Infrastructure Credential 2020 certificateCertificationStorageDell/EMC2020-12-13
SE_ Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Credential 2020 certificateCertificationStorageDell/EMC2020-12-13
SE_ MidRange Storage Credential 2020 certificateCertificationStorageDell/EMC2020-12-13
SE_ Unstructured Storage Credential 2020 certificateCertificationStorageDell/EMC2020-12-13
Infosec Marketing in 2021 with Jon Barnes & Jason Blanchard 4-Hours.pdfEducationSecurityWild West Hackin2020-12-09
SE_ High-end Storage Credential 2020 certificateCertificationStorageDell/EMC2020-12-07
Certified Internet of things PractitionerCertificationIoTCertNexus2020-12-04
Move Aside Script Kiddies Malware Execution in the Age of Advanced Defenses with Joff ThyerEducationSecurityBlack Hills2020-12-03
Getting Started with Burp Suite & Webapp Pentesting with BB KingEducationSecurityBlack Hills2020-11-12
How to cover C&C in The Mitre ATT&CK Matrix With John StrandEducationSecurityActive Countermeasures2020-11-11
High Impact Simple HacksEducationSecurityRedSiege2020-11-10
Pretty Little Python Secrets Ep 2 Making Pyhton Develpment & Packaging as Beautiful as a Poem with MarcelloEducationSecurityBlack Hills2020-10-29
The Secret Thoghts of a Successfull Hacker With Nadean TannerEducationSecurityWild West Hackin2020-10-28
Cyber Threat Hunting with Chris BrentonEducationSecurityActive Countermeasures2020-10-24
The October Roundup by Wild West Hackin Fest Adversary Emulation with Jorge OrchillesEducationSecurityWild West Hackin2020-10-22
The SOC Age Or a Young SOC Analysts Illustrated Primer with John StrandEducationSecurityBlack Hills2020-10-15
Buffer Overflow 101EducationSecurityRedSiege2020-10-13
The Swag Bag Lan and Hardware Hacking with Rick WiserEducationSecurityWild West Hackin2020-10-14
Infosec Mentoring How to find and be a Mentor or Mentee with John Strand ans Jason BlanchardEducationSecurityBlack Hills2020-10-08
Passer Effortless Network Knowledge With Bill StearnsEducationSecurityActive Countermeasures2020-10-07
Kerberos & Attack 101EducationSecurityRedSiege2020-09-15
Getting Started with RITA with Chris BrentonEducationSecurityActive Countermeasures2020-09-09
Linux Forensics Magical Mystery Tour II Its All About the Logs WithHal PomeranzEducationSecurityWild West Hackin2020-09-02
How to Present Secrets of a retired SANS Instructor with John StrandEducationSecurityBlack Hills2020-08-27
Keynote Roundtable with Paul Vixie Lelsly Carhart Marcus J Carey and John StrandEducationSecurityWild West Hackin2020-08-20
Improve Your security Posture with TrustedSec with Ben Ten & Larry SpohnEducationSecurityWild West Hackin2020-08-19
Assumed Breach Part 2EducationSecurityRedSiege2020-08-18
Workshop Linux and Security Basics Hands-On with Bill StearnsEducationSecurityWild West Hackin2020-08-18
Pretty Little Python SecretsEducationSecurityBlack Hills2020-08-13
Intro to Tabletop Exercises with Amanda Berlin & Jeremy MioEducationSecurityWild West Hackin2020-08-12
Cyber Threat Hunting with Chris BrentonEducationSecurityActive Countermeasures2020-08-11
Ethical Hacking: Hacking WebapplicationsEducationSecurityPluralsight2020-08-06
Hacking Rita With Lisa WoodyEducationSecurityActive Countermeasures2020-08-05
Ethical Hacking: Hacking web ServersEducationSecurityPluralsight2020-08-05
Ethical Hacking: Evading IDS, Firewalls and HoneypotsEducationSecurityPluralsight2020-08-05
Ethical Hacking: Session HijackingEducationSecurityPluralsight2020-08-03
Ethical Hacking: Denial of ServiceEducationSecurityPluralsight2020-07-31
Ethical Hacking: Social EngineeringEducationSecurityPluralsight2020-07-31
Ethical Hacking: SniffingEducationSecurityPluralsight2020-07-30
Ethical Hacking: Malware ThreatsEducationSecurityPluralsight2020-07-30
Ethical Hacking: System HackingEducationSecurityPluralsight2020-07-30
Ethical Hacking: Vulnerability AnalysisEducationSecurityPluralsight2020-07-30
Ethical Hacking: EnumerationEducationSecurityPluralsight2020-07-30
Ethical Hacking: Scanning NetworksEducationSecurityPluralsight2020-07-30
Ethical Hacking: Reconnaissance/FootprintingEducationSecurityPluralsight2020-07-30
Ethical Hacking: Understanding Ethical HackingEducationSecurityPluralsight2020-07-30
Selecting the Right Tool(s) for Your Red Team OperationEducationSecurityPluralsight2020-07-30
Advanced Web Application Penetration Testing with Burp SuiteEducationSecurityPluralsight2020-07-30
Getting Started in Security with BHIS and Mitre ATT&CK With John StrandEducationSecurityWild West Hackin Fest Training2020-07-30
OPSEC for Penetration TesterEducationSecurityPluralsight2020-07-29
Wireless Network Penetration Testing Advanced TechniquesEducationSecurityPluralsight2020-07-29
Assumed Breach Par 1EducationSecurityRedSiege2020-07-28
Writing Penetrations Testing ReportsEducationSecurityPluralsight2020-07-28
IPv6 Introduction to the protocolEducationCommunicationPluralsight2020-07-27
Windows Privilege Escalation for BeginnersEducationSecurityUdemy2020-07-24
Linux Privilege Escalation for BeginnersEducationSecurityUdemy2020-07-22
Practical Ethical Hacking – The complete CourseEducationSecurityUdemy2020-07-22
Atomic Purple Team Framework and life Cycle With Kent Ickler and Jordan DrysdaleEducationSecurityBlack Hills2020-07-16
Microsoft Azure FundamentalsEducationSecurityMicrosoft2020-07-11
What Can Docker Do For Me With Ethan RobishEducationSecurityBlack Hills2020-07-02
Exploring BeaKer WithJohn Strand & Chris BrentonEducationSecurityActive Countermeasures2020-07-01
Be Your EnemyEducationSecurityRedSiege2020-06-30
What About Ransomware With John StrandEducationSecurityBlack Hills2020-06-26
Zoom isnt Insecure-So Why is it so Insecure with Doc BlackburnEducationSecurityBlack Hills2020-06-25
Modern Webapp Pentesting – How to Attack a JWTEducationSecurityBlack Hills2020-06-18
How to Give Technical Talks With Bill StearnsEducationSecurityBlack Hills2020-06-17
IPv6 How To Securely Start DeployingEducationCommunicationBlack Hills2020-06-11
Develop Technical Recall Skill Spaced Repetition with AnkiEducationSecurityBlack Hills2020-06-10
Applied Purple Teaming Infrastructure Threat Optics and Continuous Improvement with Kent and JordanEducationSecurityBlack Hills2020-06-06
Durable Versus Ephemeral Threat Intel With John StrandEducationSecurityBlack Hills2020-06-04
Introduction to writing nmap NSE scriptsEducationSecuritySans2020-06-02
Breaching the Cloud Perimeter With Beau BullockEducationSecurityBlack Hills2020-05-28
How to See security to C-Levels with Chris BrentonEducationSecurityBlack Hills2020-05-20
A Blue Team’s Perceptive on Red Team Hack ToolsEducationSecurityBlack Hills2020-05-14
Cyber Threat Hunting with Chris BrentonEducationSecurityActive Countermeasures2020-05-12
Kerberos & Attacks 101EducationSecurityBlack Hills2020-04-30
SANS Top New Attacks and Threat RepostEducationSecuritySans2020-04-28
How To Build a Home LabEducationSecurityActive Countermeasures2020-04-16
Purple Team Tactics A Technical Look at Windows 10 Exploits MitigationsEducationSecuritySans2020-04-15
2020 SANS Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Survey Panel DiscussionEducationSecuritySans2020-02-13
Top Five Vulnerability Management Failures and Best PracticesEducationSecuritySans2020-02-11
Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Credential 2019EducationStorage/ComputeDell/EMC2020-01-16
High-End Storage Credential 2019EducationStorageDell/EMC2020-01-16
Converged Infrastructure Credential 2019EducationStorage/ComputeDell/EMC2020-01-16
MidRange Storage Credential 2019EducationStorageDell/EMC2020-01-15
Licensed Penetration Tester MasterCertificationSecurityEC-Council2020-01-02
Vmware Expert 2020CertificationVirtualizationVmware2020-01-01
10 Visibility Gaps Every CISO Must FillEducationSecuritySans2019-12-13
You have to see the criminal to catch the criminal. The most relevant data to monitor rankedEducationSecuritySans2019-12-06
How to Build a Threat Hunting Capability in AWSEducationSecuritySans2019-12-05
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Six Steps to Effective ICS Threat HuntingEducationSecuritySans2019-11-22
A Blueprint for Designing a New Security PerimeterEducationSecuritySans2019-11-18
SANS Dark Web Solutions Forum – Illuminating the Dark Web Harvesting and Using OSINT Data from Dark Web ResourcesEducationSecuritySans2019-11-15
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Evaluating Network Traffic Analysis Systems – Requirements and ChallengesEducationSecuritySans2019-11-06
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Red, Blue and Purple Teams Combining Your Security Capabilities for the Best OutcomeEducationSecuritySans2019-10-03
Easing Into Consulting Consulting on The Side & Other ApproachesEducationSecuritySans2019-09-20
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Advanced Zeek Usage Scripting and FrameworkEducationSecuritySans2019-09-10
Building HPE Hybrid IT SolutionsCertificationStorage/ComputeHPE2019-09-09
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Getting the Knack of ATT&CKEducationSecuritySans2019-09-03
Penetration Testing Setting the Scope and Rules of EngagementEducationSecurityPluralsight2019-08-24
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How to Protect Enterprise Systems with Cloud-Based FirewallsEducationSecuritySans2019-08-08
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Security Inside the Perimeter with VmwareEducationSecuritySans2019-08-05
JumpStart Guide to Cloud-Based Firewalls in AWSEducationSecuritySans2019-07-31
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A BEAST and a POODLE celebrating SWEET32EducationSecuritySans2019-07-25
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Common and Best Practices for Security Operations Centers Results of the 2019 SOC SurveyEducationSecuritySans2019-07-10
Authentication It Is All About the User ExperienceEducationSecuritySans2019-06-13
How to Build a Data Protection Strategy in AWSEducationSecuritySans2019-06-13
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The Future of Authentication How Two Factor Authentication is Dying and What’s NextEducationSecuritySans2019-06-04
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Cloud Security Automation Monitoring and OperationsEducationSecuritySans2019-05-28
What Real-World Attacks Look Like and How to Stop Them in Their TracksEducationSecuritySans2019-05-23
Passive Isnt Good Enough Moving into Active EDREducationSecuritySans2019-05-21
Everything You Wanted to Know..But Where Too Proud to Ask The Memory PodEducationSecurityBrightTalk2019-05-19
Web application defense – Use headers to make pentesters job difficultEducationSecuritySans2019-05-15
Hacking without Domain AdminEducationSecuritySans2019-05-14
LPT (Master – Advanced Penetration TestingEducationSecurityEC-Council2019-05-13
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How to Secure a Modern Web Application in AWSEducationSecuritySans2019-05-09
How Effective is Your WAF Protection- Metrics & Key ConsiderationsEducationSecuritySans2019-05-02
Delivering Genuine White-Glove Retail Experience with SD-WANEducationCommunicationBrightTalk2019-04-27
Python the Big PictureEducationSecurityPluralsight2019-03-26
Pure Storage FlashArray Architect ProfessionalEducationStoragePure2019-03-01
Pure Storage Sales AccreditiationEducationStoragePure2019-03-01
Pure Storage FoundationsEducationStoragePure2019-02-28
FlasArray//M Array ManagementEducationStoragePure2019-02-28
File vs. Block vs. Object StorageEducationStorageBrightTalk2019-02-06
Certified Ethical Hacker MasterCertificationSecurityEC-Council2019-01-30
Certified Ethical Hacker PracticalCertificationSecurityEC-Council2019-01-30
Vmware Expert 2019CertificationVirtualizationVmware2019-01-01
DataCore 1-Day Online Troubleshooting CourseEducationStorageDataCore2018-11-21
Certified Ethical HackerCertificationSecurityEC-Council2018-07-13
Certified Ethical HackerEducationSecurityEC-Council2018-07-08
Certified Data Protection Specialist (CDPS)CertificationSecurityDMI2018-04-15
Vmware Network Virtualization FundamentalsEducationVirtualizationVmware2018-03-07
Nutanix NPP 5.0CertificationVirtualizationNutanix2017-12-20
Specialist Technology Architect, Midrange Storage Soloutions Version 1CertificationStorageDell/EMC2017-11-27
Associate – Information Storage and Management Version 3.0CertificationStorageDell/EMC2017-11-27
MidRange Storage Credential 2017CertificationStorageDell/EMC2017-11-22
IT Transformation Credential 2017EducationStorage/ComputeDell/EMC2017-10-27
Converge Infrastructure Credential 2017CertificationStorage/ComputeDell/EMC2017-10-27
Vmware Certified Professional (VCP6.5)CertificationVirtualizationVmware2017-08-29
VTSP – Server Virtualization 2017CertificationVirtualizationVmware2017-06-15
PowerEdge VRTX Sales OverviewEducationStorageDell/EMC2016-12-07
HPE Accredited Technical Professional Storage Solutions V2CertificationStorageHPE2016-10-07
Microsoft – Upgrading your skills to Windows Server 2016EducationWindowsMicrosoft2016-10-06
Foundation OF HPE Storage SolutionsCertificationStorageHPE2016-07-10
Netapp Enablement WorkshopEducationStorageNetapp2016-06-28
Vmware vSphere Design and Deploy Fast TrackEducationVirtualizationVmware2016-04-15
Veeam Sales ProfessionalEducationVirtualizationVeeam2016-03-14
Veeam Technical Sales Professional (VMTSP)EducationVirtualizationVeeam2016-03-14
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Netapp Accredited Installation Professional 2EducationStorageNetapp2013-11-14
Clustered Data ONTAP Administration 8.2 Update Part 2EducationStorageNetapp2013-10-30
Clustered Data ONTAP Administration 8.2 Update Part 1EducationStorageNetapp2013-10-30
Clustered Data ONTAP Administration 8.2 Update Part 3EducationStorageNetapp2013-10-30
Clustered Data ONTAP Administration 8.2 Update Part 4EducationStorageNetapp2013-10-30
Technical Overview of OnCommand System MaangerEducationStorageNetapp2013-10-25
Netapp Certified Data Management Administrator NCDAEducationStorageNetapp2013-10-25
Hardware and Down Storage System Troubleshooting for PartnersEducationStorageNetapp2013-03-19
Data ONTAP Cluster-Mode AdministrationEducationStorageNetapp2013-03-13
Ontap Cluster-Mode AdministratorCertificationStorageNetapp2013-01-02
Netapp Certified Backup And Recovery Implementaion EngineerCertificationStorageNetapp2012-11-13
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Vmware View 5 Install Configure ManageEducationVirtualizationVmware2012-06-13
Operations Manager, Protection Manager and Provisioning Manager Administration 4.0EducationStorageNetapp2012-04-20
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Installing the Deep CabinetEducationStorageNetapp2012-04-16
FAS3000 Series Hardware MaintenanceEducationStorageNetapp2012-04-16
Technical Overview of Autosupport FamilyEducationStorageNetapp2012-04-16
Netapp Certified Implementation Engineer SAN and VirtualizationCertificationStorageNetapp2012-04-12
Netapp certified SAN Implementation EngineerCertificationStorageNetapp2012-04-12
Netapp Certfied SAN Implementation EngineerCertificationStorageNetapp2012-04-12
Storage Efficiency Common Best PracticesEducationStorageNetapp2012-04-04
Netapp Tools and Resources for PartnersEducationStorageNetapp2012-04-04
San DesignEducationStorageNetapp2012-04-04
Introduction to CIFS AdministrationEducationStorageNetapp2012-04-04
Introduction to Netapp ProductsEducationStorageNetapp2012-04-03
SnapMirror Planning and ImplementationEducationStorageNetapp2012-04-03
Snapmirror Performance and Best PracticesEducationStorageNetapp2012-04-03
ONTAP 8.0 7-Mode AdministratorCertificationStorageNetapp2012-03-30
Netapp Certified Data Management Administrator NCDACertificationStorageNetapp2012-03-30
Netapp Certfied Data Management AdministratorCertificationStorageNetapp2012-03-30
NCDA Boot CampEducationStorageNetapp2011-12-02
Data ONTAP 8.1 7-Mode New FeaturesEducationStorageNetapp2011-11-29
Data ONTAP 8 CablingEducationStorageNetapp2011-11-29
High Availability for Data ONTAP 7-ModeEducationStorageNetapp2011-11-29
Compliance: SE Core AssessmentEducationStorageNetapp2011-11-29
SAN: SE Core AssessmentEducationStorageNetapp2011-11-29
Ethernet Storage: SE Core AssessmentEducationStorageNetapp2011-11-29
Virtualization: SE Core assessmentEducationStorageNetapp2011-11-29
Vmware Certified Professional (VCP5)CertificationVirtualizationVmware2011-10-29
HP Master Accredited Systems Engineer StorgeWorks SolutionsCertificationStorageHPE2011-10-27
HP Accredited Systems Engineer StorageWorks IntegrationCertificationStorageHPE2011-10-27
Designing HP Storage Datacenter SolutionsCertificationStorageHPE2011-10-21
getting Started with Foundation Software Pack Efficient ProvisioningEducationStorageNetapp2011-10-13
Gettings Started With Netapp Software Streamlined Data Protection for VmwareEducationStorageNetapp2011-09-02
Cerfied Security Smart Card ExpertCertificationSecuritySecMaker2011-03-24
Designing HP StorgeWorks SoloutionsCertificationStorageHPE2010-12-21
Accredited Presales Consultant HP StorageWorks SolutionsCertificationStorageHPE2010-12-21
Vmware vSphere Design workshop V4EducationVirtualizationVmware2010-06-23
Vmware vSphere Manager for Performance v4EducationVirtualizationVmware2010-05-28
Updating Skills to Windows 2008EducationWindowsMicrosoft2010-03-05
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Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 Advanced Services and TroubleshootingEducationNovellNovell2009-12-11
Vmware Certified Professional (VCP4)CertificationVirtualizationVmware2009-11-04
Designing HP StorageWorks SolutionsCertificationStorageHPE2009-11-04
Accredited Presales Consultant 2009CertificationStorageHPE2009-11-04
VMware Technical Sales Professional 4CertificationVirtualizationVmware2009-10-26
VMWare Sales Person 4CertificationVirtualizationVmware2009-10-26
Comptia Server +CertificationSecurityComptia2009-05-28
Certified Novell SalespersonCertificationNovellNovell2009-05-06
Systems and Resource Management Specialist 2009CertificationNovellNovell2009-05-06
Project ManagementEducationProjectINVID2009-05-05
Vmware Infrastructure Whats NewEducationVirtualizationVmware2009-04-28
Sanrads Storage SolutionsEducationStorageAlphabridge2009-02-20
Advanced SAN ArchitectureCertificationStorageHPE2008-12-19
Replication Solutions for the HP StorageWorks EVACertificationStorageHPE2008-12-19
Master Accredited Systems Engineer HP Storage Works 2008CertificationStorageHPE2008-12-19
Accredited System Engineer Specialty in HP Storage Essentials 2008CertificationStorageHPE2008-12-19
Master Accredited Systems Engineer HP San Architect – data Availability SolutionsCertificationStorageHPE2008-12-19
Novell Certified Linux Desktop Administrator (CLDA)CertificationLinuxNovell2008-12-15
SUSE Linux Enterpris Desktop 10 AdministrationCertificationLinuxNovell2008-12-11
Designing and Implementing HP Enterprise Backup SolutionsCertificationStorageHPE2008-12-11
Accredited System Engineer HP Storage Works 2008CertificationStorageHPE2008-12-11
HP Storage Essentials SRM Enterprise EditionCertificationStorageHPE2008-12-08
HP Storage Essentials SRM Standard EditionCertificationStorageHPE2008-12-08
Accredited System Engineer HP Storage Works 2005CertificationStorageHPE2008-12-08
Advanced Technical Training Novell GroupWise 8 AdministrationEducationNovellNovell2008-12-04
ASE HP StorageWorks Fast ForwardEducationStorageHPE2008-11-21
Novell Certifies Administrator (CNA)CertificationNovellNovell2008-11-17
Novell Certified Engineer (CNE)CertificationNovellNovell2008-11-17
Upgradning to Novell Open Enterprise Server for NetwareCertificationNovellNovell2008-11-14
Accredited Integration Specialist HP StorageWorks 2008CertificationStorageHPE2008-11-14
Certified Novell Administrator Open Enterprise Server For NetwareCertificationLinuxNovell2008-11-14
Certified Novell Engineer Open Enterpriser Server for NetwareCertificationLinuxNovell2008-11-14
Implementing HP StorageWorks EVA SolutionsCertificationStorageHPE2008-11-13
Accredited Presales Consultant HP Enterprise Storage SolutionsCertificationStorageHPE2008-11-13
Designing and Implementing HP San SoloutionsCertificationStorageHPE2008-11-05
MSA Storage SoloutionsCertificationStorageHPE2008-11-05
AIS HP StorageWorks Fast ForwardEducationStorageHPE2008-10-12
Accredited Platform Specialist HP Commercial Desktops, Workstations and NotebooksCertificationStorageHPE2008-05-23
Advanced Network SecurityEducationSecurityDefensor2007-04-19
IBM System P5 Technical MasteryCertificationComputeIBM2007-03-21
Certified Novell SalespersonCertificationNovellNovell2007-01-12
Vmware Certified Professional (VCP3)CertificationVirtualizationVmware2006-12-06
Lenovo Mobile SystemsEducationComputeIBM2006-08-15
Lenovo Desktop SystemsEducationComputeIBM2006-08-15
Vmware Infrastructure 3 Whats newEducationVirtualizationVmware2006-06-15
Vmware Certified Professional (VCP101V)CertificationVirtualizationVmware2006-06-02
MobilityGuard AdministrationEducationSecurityMobilityGuard2006-03-09
Advanced Technical Training SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 Optimizing & TroubleshootEducationLinuxNovell2006-01-19
Vmware Virtual Infrastructure With ESX Server and VirtualCenterEducationVirtualizationVmware2005-11-25
Novell Certified Linux SalespersonCertificationLinuxNovell2005-05-26
Certified Novell SalespersonCertificationNovellNovell2005-05-26
OES Quick TrainEducationNovellNovell2005-02-18
Novell Certified Linux SalespersonCertificationLinuxNovell2004-08-31
Nsure Identity Manager 2EducationNovellNovell2004-04-30
Certified Novell SalespersonCertificationNovellNovell2004-03-30
Nterprise Linux Services First ClassEducationLinuxAzlan2004-01-09
Introduction to IBM ThinkVantage Technologies – IBM Secure Wireless Solutions (TXW15-R2)EducationComputeIBM2003-11-12
Introduction to IBM ThinkVantage Technologies-IBM Migration and Uptime Solutions (TXW16-R2)EducationComputeIBM2003-11-12
Introduction to the IBM ThinkVantage Technologies-IBM Security Solutions (TXW14-R2)EducationComputeIBM2003-11-12
Linux System AdministrationEducationComputeIBM2003-09-26
Updatning skills Windows 2000 – 2003 Server WorkshopEducationWindowsMicrosoft2003-06-13
Certified Novell Administrator Netware 6CertificationNovellNovell2003-01-27
Certified Novell Engineer Netware 6CertificationNovellNovell2003-01-27
IBM eServer xseries Service and Support Simulations Test (MEC02-R2)EducationComputeIBM2003-01-27
IBM Desktop Systems (RDC02)EducationComputeIBM2003-01-27
IBM eServer xseries Technical Principles and Problem determination Test (MEC01-R1.1)EducationComputeIBM2003-01-27
Advanced Technical Training Novell BorderManager 3.7EducationNovellNovell2002-08-22
Advanced Technical Training Novell Netware 6EducationNovellNovell2002-08-16
Advanced Technical Training Novell Advanced DirXMLEducationNovellNovell2002-04-12
Small Business Suite 6 QuickTrainEducationNovellNovell2001-11-15
Novell NetDevices NAS QuickTrainEducationNovellNovell2001-11-15
Novell eProvisioning QuickTrainEducationNovellNovell2001-11-15
Certified Novell SalespersonCertificationNovellNovell2001-11-13
Advanced Technical Training Novell ZenWorks for Dekstops 3EducationNovellNovell2001-10-27
Netware6 WorkshopEducationNovellNovell2001-10-14
Netware6 QuickTrain CourseEducationNovellNovell2001-10-01
IBM eServer Certified Systems Expert xSeriesCertificationComputeIBM2001-09-05
Certified Novell SalespersonEducationNovellNovell2001-05-21
N995: Directory TechnologiesEducationNovellNovell2000-12-21
Certified Novell SalespersonCertificationNovellNovell2000-11-07
Advanced NDS Tools and DiagnisticsEducationNovellNovell2000-11-03
Internet Security Management with BorderManagerEducationNovellNovell2000-10-06
Certified Novell Engineer Netware 5CertificationNovellNovell2000-10-03
Interconnecting Cisco Network DevicesEducationCommunicationCisco2000-06-29
IBM eServer Certified Systems Expert xSeriesCertificationComputeIBM1999-11-04
Netware 5.0 Advanced AdministrationEducationNovellNovell1999-04-23
Vinca Certified EngineerCertificationNovellVinca1999-03-31
Networking TechnologiesEducationCommunicationNovell1999-03-05
Certified Novell Administrator Netware 5CertificationNovellNovell1999-02-26
Netware 5.0 AdministrationEducationNovellNovell1999-02-12
Citrix Certified Professional (Citrix Winframe)CertificationCitrixCitrix1998-05-05
Citrix Winframe 1.7EducationCitrixAKS1998-02-12
IBM Gold MemberCertificationComputeIBM1998-01-28
IBM Gold MemberCertificationComputeIBM1997-08-19
Netware 4.x Installation & ConfigurationEducationNovellNovell1997-06-06
Netware 4.x Advanced AdministrationEducationNovellNovell1997-05-23
IBM Server NetwareEducationComputeIBM1997-04-08
IBM Professional Server SpecialistCertificationComputeIBM1997-02-03
IBM Gold MemberCertificationComputeIBM1997-01-29
IBM Server Technical TrainingEducationComputeIBM1996-10-02
Netware 3.x update to 4,xEducationNovellNovell1995-10-06
Installation course Netware 3.xEducationNovellNovell1995-09-08
System Administration Level 2 Netware 3.xEducationNovellNovell1995-09-06
Lotus Notes Application Develpment IEducationLotus NotesIBM1995-04-12
System Administration Level 1 Netware 3.xEducationNovellNovell1995-03-16
Lotus Notes Administration IEducationLotus NotesIBM1995-01-27
IBM PS/2 Service CourseEducationComputeIBM1994-11-28

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