Hachcat benchmark numbers with a VM with Tesla M60 card PCI passthru. #ubuntu #linux4hackers #hashcat #linux #infosec #hacking #pentest #pentesting #redteam #invida #teslam60

I am running hashcat in a VM (ubuntu 20.04) with a PCI passthru NVIDIA TeslaM60 card. This is my first rig with a graphics card so I have no referense to the numbers below. But here is my benchmark test so you can compare. Running Cuda so I can access all memory on the card.

Any tips and tricks to make it faster by tuning is very welcome.

Ubuntu 20.04 VM
NVIDIA Tesla M60 card with PCI Passthru
Drivers for Nvida

sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall
sudo apt install nvidia-cuda-toolkit
./hashcat.bin -b
hashcat (v6.1.1-116-gfb219e0a6) starting in benchmark mode…

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