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Hi! It is time to go dark. In this post we are gonna take a look at different tools that is out there for the not so light web.

This post is not for you to learn how to go dark, it is for people to learn how things works. Do not go and do illegal stuff now!

Some tips and tricks

  • Install tor
  • Start tor with: systemctl start tor
  • pip3 is a nice command
  • Use a virtual machine so you can go back…you will wanna go back in time

What is the dark web


What we will cover today

One thing that I have notice on the other side, it is not fast if you compare it to the light side. But If you compare it to my old 9600 modem it is really nice.


We start with the installation

git clone https://github.com/TebbaaX/Katana.git


python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Run it

When I tried these different searches I use different VPN:s and no VPN still the same result.

I had some issue with the searches. Did not find anything. And ended up with an error on the last search.

I made some modification on the Tor.py file to remove the Tordex serach engine.

After the changes on what site to search on, the error went a way but no findings.

No findings

I did not have any time getting into why… Was trying modify stuff with headers and so on. But the response was always 418. When I get the time I will try to find out was the problem is.

And It says on the web page:

This Repo is New but the script it self is old back when google dorking was something, i wrote this script back in Highschool during the process of learning how to scrap using python and in order to get to use on bs4 and other Python Packages and i learned alot of things along, still there’s alot of people who use this script..

Update 2021-12-07 from @TebbaaX (Thanx for the update)
Nice blog…Katana failed because the search engines adresses changed all the those now work with Tor v3 addr also the script got old (2017) might work on a cli tool only for Tor that combines the results of multiple engines.

Lets take a look at OnionSearch

Disclaimer from the site: educational purposes only

We start with the installation

git clone https://github.com/megadose/OnionSearch.git
cd OnionSearch/
python3 setup.py install

Run It

onionsearch "roger.bergling" --output ./output.txt --continuous_write True

As you can see the searches are note 100% here either. But it did found something.

Darkdump next

We start with the installation

git clone https://github.com/josh0xA/darkdump


cd darkdump
python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

Run it

python3 darkdump.py -q roger.bergling

Did not find anything puhhhh

But when we put in other searchwords….

This search script was really fast. Sure, most of the links did not work but some did.


Now we will try darksearch, that is a cli for the https://darksearch.io site.

We start with the installation

pip install darksearch

Run it

darksearch “password dumps”


This site is on the Tor network and list new sites and have a search function also.



If you want to do nmap scans against some ip address thru the TOR network here is what you can do!


git clone https://github.com/milesrichardson/docker-onion-nmap.git

Run it

docker run –rm -it -e DEBUG_LEVEL=1 milesrichardson/onion-nmap -p 80,21,22,443 domain.com


Time to crawl website from tor network. You can use this on onion sites and ordinary website also.

How to check if tor works in cli

curl -s –socks5 https://ifconfig.io

Now time to do the install

git clone https://github.com/1N3/BlackWidow.git
cd BlackWidow
apt-get install proxychains

Now we can run BlackWidow with proxychains to be a little more anonymous.

Run it

proxychains blackwidow -u http://ieeppzy7cz254nz2iz7omykshnlap5ktjq3r17ujfpxagygaobpxfdbqd.onion/ -l 5 -v y


BlackWidow is a python based web application spider to gather subdomains, URL’s, dynamic parameters, email addresses and phone numbers from a target website. This project also includes Inject-X fuzzer to scan dynamic URL’s for common OWASP vulnerabilities.

We are not going darker today. I hope this my be of interest to someone!

Keep hacking!



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