Using MindMap application when doing pentest or ctf! Up for you to decide. #MindMaps #freesoftware #kali #linux4hackers #linux #infosec #hacking #pentest #pentesting #redteam @kalilinux #ctf #bugbountytips @insilmaril

I was thinking about a nice and easy way to save a penetration test and come up with this.Use a MindMap application.
There is a alot of MindMap application out there. I am running Linux on my machine so I ended up with VYM. (
The nice thing about VYM is that it is free and comes with Ubuntu.
I know that the screenshots are small, but the map is really big.

I ended up categorize the MindMap like this.

We start in the center, we have Pentest
Then I created 5 main topics

  1. Reconnaissance and Footprinting
  2. Enumeration
  3. Identify Vulnerabilities
  4. Exploit
  5. Post exploit
  6. Cover your tracks

There are some extra categories
-Save the script that you create over a project

-Just information so you do not forget anything

We also work with tick boxes. You can decide for your self what thoose means. Checkboxes:

What I did was like this. We Enumeration phase then we go into Windows and for example enum4linux. When you choose enum4linux you get notpad function. there you put in the commands that you like. A green tickbox for me is that tha command was ok and we got a result. Child object of enum4linux.

Result of enum4linux

A red ! is for me did not go well. Command did not work for example. Happy face, I have got something. Sad face got nothing. Red cross did not run. So when the pentest is over I delete every category that hav a red cross.

So when we are trhu with windows section it can look like this

I did also information regarding commands and tried to explain what it does or what you can do.

Just for information here is the full size MindMap. Yes it is to small to see anything. For information only, to show it’s big.

I hope I help someone out there to get the notes in order. If you are interested in getting the MindMap, just reach out….


2 thoughts on “Using MindMap application when doing pentest or ctf! Up for you to decide. #MindMaps #freesoftware #kali #linux4hackers #linux #infosec #hacking #pentest #pentesting #redteam @kalilinux #ctf #bugbountytips @insilmaril

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