How to get autocompletion working great instead of good in powershell for linux. #powershell #pwsh #pwsh-preview #linux @ubuntu @powershell #autocompletion

My colleague @Schillman told me that you can get better autocompletion in powershell for linux. I thought that was interesting thing to try. Soon Sebastian will see the light in the tunnel and convert to a real operating system like linux and we will get more interesting things from him.

This is what you can do to get this up and runinng

Start powershell

pwsh or pwsh-preview

Then 3 commands to run

Install-Module -Name Microsoft.PowerShell.UnixCompleters
Import-Module -Name Microsoft.PowerShell.UnixCompleters
Set-PSReadLineKeyHandler -Key Tab -Function MenuComplete

Here is a video how to do this, right click open in new tab to see full screen. Tips are welcome on how to do full screen embedded on the page..

I hope this is helpful for someone out there! Have a nice evening!


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