Strange performance charts after upgrade to 6.7 U2. algorithm newreno

After I upgraded a host to 6.7U2 from 6.5 I got som strange  performance chart, Realtime, 1 day for latency view.Looked like this:


The answer it will be fixed in U3, at the moment I do not have the information when this will be released!

2019-06-20T11:04:00.034Z info hostd[2099465] [Originator@6876 sub=Libs opID=53a6b81e] NetstackInstanceImpl: congestion control algorithm: newreno

It is mentioned in this article that as of now, VMware is aware of this issue, working internally to address this query in future vSphere release.

As per the back-end engineers the issue will be resolved in 6.7 U3.


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