Getting strange error when installing vcli 6.7on ubuntu 18.10

Getting some error when try to run ./

vcli Path::Class 0.33 or newer
Socket6 0.28 or newer
IO::Socket::INET6 2.72 or newer
Net::INET6Glue 0.603 or newer

How I did:

sudo apt install -y perl-doc libmodule-build-perl libssl-dev libxml-libxml-perl libsoap-lite-perl libuuid-perl

sudo apt-get install libcrypt-ssleay-perl libcrypt-openssl-rsa-perl

sudo cpan Devel::StackTrace Class::Data::Inheritable Convert::ASN1 Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA Crypt::X509 Exception::Class UUID::Random Archive::Zip Path::Class Try::Tiny Class::MethodMaker UUID Data::Dump SOAP::Lite LWP::Protocol::https Socket6 IO::Socket::INET6 Net::INET6Glue JSON::PP MIME::Base64

Then install install vcli
cd vmware-vsphere-cli-distrib


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