DELL server SD-card problem after firmware upgrade to SD Module 1.15. 2 fixes. @Dell @VMware #vExpert #esxi

After firmware upgrade of DELL server we got issue regarding SD Card mirror. Here is how we sloved this.

DELL Support is informed and they are working on it. Fix would be in the next release I was told.

But first

  1. Do not use SD card to boot server
  2. Esxi will drop the support later
  3. There are bugs out there regardning writing the SD-Card to hell
  4. Use BOSS card or SSD disks

Here is a post about it from the master:

Error that you see from vmware when you have this problem:

Lost connectivity to the device mpx.vmhba32:C0:T0:L0 backing the boot filesystem /vmfs/devices/disks/mpx.vmhba32:C0:T0:L0. As a result, host configuration changes will not be saved to persistent storage.

  1. Enter maintinance mode
  2. Reboot
  3. When boot press F2 to get into bios
  4. Change to mirror (if you see in the picture below SD2 is the bad one. So I use SD1 as “master”
  5. Exit
  6. Press Y when asking to rebuild
  7. Wait for the rebuild to be done (about 20-35 min)
  8. Downgrade to 1.13 firmware from 1.15 on the SD

Pictures for the above steps

Enter Bios
Change to mirror, Primary Card 1
Press Y to do the rebuild
Error after rebuild (wait until rebuild is done)
Which SD card is offline, and it is done rebuild
1.13 Firmware download from dell support site
Upgrade firmware on the SD Module


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