If you are attending “Getting Started in Security with BHIS and MITRE ATT&CK with @strandjs” next week and running Linux and VirtualBox. How to import the machine? @BHinfoSecurity @WWHackinFest @debthedeb #cybertraining #hackers #CyberSecurity #infosec

I am running Kali and VirtualBox. When running Virtualbox there are some issues. If the machine that you are running AMD this perhaps works. I am running INTEL so that sucks. INTEL + VirtualBox + Wsl v2 = Do Not Work For Me.

There is a problem running wsl v2 in VirtualBox with Windows 10.
Not verified with anyone else but me, but this vm that you will run in the course is Windows 10 2004 and this version is not working very good in VirtualBox. Wsl v2 is not working. So I will not recommend this for the course. Wsl v1 will work with this. And the instance that come with this machine is wsl v2. I was not able to convert these into v1 instances. Nested virtualization works not so good in VirtualBox with INTEL processor.

I even tried dev edition with VirtualBox, Windows 10 dev, Windows 10 beta. No luck at all getting WSL v2 running. Please send me any information if you got this up and running.

If you will attend next week on this course and running Linux and virtualbox and want to use the images that has been provided by training@wildwesthackinfest.com you can do what I did!

Link to the course:


You have received a email from  training@wildwesthackinfest.com

  1. Download the vm from the link that you got in the email.
    cd Downloads
    mkdir HF
    wget https://XXXXXXXX.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/IntroVM.7z

2. Extract the files from the downloaded file
7z x IntroVM.7z

Open VirtualBox and press CTRL N (create new machine)
In my case i choose to store this machine in ~Downloads/HF
Name the machine
Choose your location of the directory that you have extracted the files.
Choose Microsoft Windows
Choose Other Windows (64-Bit) or Windows 10
Press Next

Choose your memory size (I used 5000 MB)
then press Next

Then choose Use an existing virtual hard disk file and press the little button on the right and press Add

Browse to where you extracted the files in my case ~Downloads/HF/IntroVM. Choose WINADHD-disk1.vmdk file and press Open.

Then press Choose.

Almost done, press Create

When the machine is created go into settings of this vm

Changes these settings MANDATORY:
System: Check for Enable EDI (special OSes only)

General: Advanced / Shared Clipboard: Bidirectional
General: Advanced / Drag and Drop: Bidirectional
Display: Video memory 128MB
Audio: Uncheck Enable Audio


  1. If AMD start a shell and enable nested-hw-virt ( It will be greyed out if you are running Intel)
    VBoxManage modifyvm DEBTHEDEB --nested-hw-virt on

Press start the machine and log in.

First thing

Install VirtualBox Guest
Uninstall vmware tools


2 thoughts on “If you are attending “Getting Started in Security with BHIS and MITRE ATT&CK with @strandjs” next week and running Linux and VirtualBox. How to import the machine? @BHinfoSecurity @WWHackinFest @debthedeb #cybertraining #hackers #CyberSecurity #infosec

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  1. great post, thank you. but i’m having a problem when i open ubuntu inside winadhd it doesn’t work and gives a messege about wsl2, how did you manage to make yours work?


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