Install Windows 10 on a external media and run it.


If you have ISO file with version 1809 it wont work. Tried several times in many ways but same issue…BSOD points to wpprecorder.sys…

If you install 1803 and then upgrade to 1809 you will get the same problem. I did anyway.


My setup is that I am running Ubuntu on the XPS 13 9370. Sometimes I want to boot native Windows. Yes dual boot works to.

I have tried to install Windows 10 or Windows To Go on SDCARD and on ordinary USB stick. I did not get it to work.

When I boot Windows on sdcard I got Inaccesible Boot device. The installation worked, but when I boot the machine it failed.
So what I was ending up with was a M.2 external box with M.2 Storage card. I did the installation the same on all the tries.

Here are the steps.

Running native Ubuntu with Virtual Box!
ISO file with Windows 10

1. Create a raw disk so that the VM can access the external M.2 disc raw.
Did this as root. (In my case /dev/sda was the external M.2 disk)
(When I tried the sdcard it was /dev/mmcblk0p1)
Command without quotas.
“VBoxManage internalcommands createrawvmdk -filename /root/VirtualBox\win10/win.vmdk -rawdisk /dev/sda”

2. Start Virtual Box

3. Create a VM with CDROM mapped to Windows 10 ISO file

4. Add disk, and use existing disk and point to the disk you creted in the first step.

5. Start the VM and the CDROM will boot Windows 10 installation.

6. I did the first Windows 10 steps in VirtualBox, but when the first reboot is to happen, I shutdown the the VM.

7. Rebooted the physical machine and press F12 and booted on external storage (USB Mass Storage) and finnished the Windows 10 installation.

To boot from USB you can not be using SecureBoot
To boot from SDCARD if you get that to work you must use legacy boot
To boot from SDCARD you need to configure that in bios (not activated default in bios)


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